5 Ways for Businesses to Deal with the Impact of COVID-19


Most of us have never experienced such a grave and challenging pandemic situation before. It is global! The death rate is skyrocketing, and its end is nowhere close. In these times of unprecedented chaos and turmoil, people are confused and grieving. On a positive note though, it’s time to leverage the opportunities to stretch.  

Many business owners are hurt financially and their years of hard work have been compromised. As an entrepreneur, my business has faced a sheer revenue loss with this pandemic that’s beyond my control. All I’m doing now is holding on to my Spectrum phone and trying to think of creative ideas to generate revenue. 

5 Ways to Deal with it All

Amid lost jobs, shattered businesses, and postponed business events, let’s help you stay positive with to endure these rough times. You need to ensure that your business is ready when the economy is finally ready to ramp up. 

  1. Hold Planning.
  2. Acknowledge the Impacts of Grief.
  3. Embrace Distractions.
  4. Ensure Adequate Sleep.
  5. Simplify.

Hold the Planning

The uncertainty on these times makes us feel that we only have today. Every day we see the death toll is on a rise. It feels like we are the next in the queue. Planning ahead for even a day is not certain, let alone for years to come. It’s unfathomable what will happen next week. 

The entire world is feeling uncertain and no one is able to control it. The future feels entirely uncertain and unknown. We have realized that all we have is today. Our perspective has essentially shifted to the present from the future. 

It’s time to take a break from planning and live it positively. 

Acknowledge the Impacts of Grief

Grief is perhaps the most common human emotion right now felt by human beings across the globe. And with grief comes fogginess. You may feel an overload of anxiety, anger, confusion, despair, dejection, and so much more. As you try to bear the current situation, your brain can stop computing completely. 

Our logic struggles constantly to figure out what the future is going to bring us. Even if we try not to think about it. You need to acknowledge that you are affected by grief. It is effecting your concentration levels, cognition, memory, and so much more.

Know that you will not feel like this forever. For now, recognize that you are going through a difficult time. Give yourself the freedom to feel it and don’t be hard on yourself. 

Embrace Distractions

Just like the pandemic is global, the distractions are also universal. It is impacting everyone, everywhere. We all are concerned about our kids, and about the immune-compromised, elderly family members. Parents are exhausted between increased home chores, homeschooling, and work-from-home job-shift. At the same time, parents are trying to cater to the increased needs of their anxious children who don’t fully understand what’s happening and why. 

We are glued to social media and news about the pandemic-related stats. And they are becoming more critical by the day. We crave to listen to the voices and see the faces of our loved ones. For that too, we rely on social media sites and apps where pandemic stats keep coming as painful reminders. 

Some businesses are completely shut, for instance, the hospitality industry. Others are trying to survive this wave and are extremely distracted. But for now, these distractions are the reality of life. And we have to embrace them to move forward. 

Ensure Adequate Sleep 

Stuck at home, aimless, depressed, and uncertain? We all are experiencing it. We are also experiencing a lack of energy, lethargy, and inability to control our lives. The emotional toll that the pandemic has taken on us is evident. 

All those anxiety-relieving events such as parties, hangouts, cinema, concerts, gathering, and religious events have been canceled to meet the social distancing requirements. People are missing their family and friends. It is an overload for the body to reconcile with these rapid changes. 

Stop exhausting yourself with extra home chores. Your body needs relaxation and sleep amidst this turn of events. don’t compromise on your sleep. It will energize you to keep up with these unwelcomed challenges. 


Life as we knew it has changed. Quite significantly! The changes are unrelenting and rapid. Work from home is the new normal. And we have to embrace it and continue working. Parents have the new role of being teachers to their children.

You will have to balance between your work-from-home hours, teaching your kids, playing indoor games with them, preparing meals, and several essential things. Now is the time to stop everything that is not essential. Simplify your life. Identify all the non-essential activities and quit them. Incorporate positive and energizing activities into your daily routine. For instance, we as a family are taking full advantage of our subscription to one of the Spectrum internet packages. We play online games together, schedule movie nights, and video chat with our family.

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