4 Important Questions to Ask Your Used Car Dealer

Buying a car can be exciting but the last thing you want is to drive your used car home and find out it isn’t what you want. It’s important to ask your car dealer the right questions before making a purchase.

There are several things you need to know about a car before you decide on buying it. Take a look at some of these handy questions to ask when visiting a car dealership.

1. What Is the Full Price?

Many people make the honest mistake of thinking that the price on the car window is the full price they’ll pay. That isn’t often the case. The price on the sticker may well be the price of the car but you need to factor in other fees before making a decision.

Ask the car dealer to give you a full price, including all fees or any possible additions. Once you know this figure, you can work out if the car is affordable, rather than have a nasty surprise when you go to pay.

2. What Is the Mileage?

When you’re looking at cars for sale, it is sometimes difficult to know if it’s going to be reliable. Looking at the mileage is a good indicator of how much time a car may have left. 

A car that has clocked a lot of miles needs to be well maintained to stay on the road for the foreseeable future. Knowing the mileage and how many tests drive the car has been on may give you a feeling of whether you can trust the car.

3. What Are the Payment Terms?

Do you need to pay for the car in full or are there other payment options available? Ask the car dealer for all the payment options they offer to buy a car and then weigh up whether it’s affordable for you. 

Other car dealerships may offer competitive payment terms that better suit your budget, so it’s worth shopping around before setting your sights on one car. 

4. What Are the Terms of the Warranty? 

Cars bought at a dealership will often come with a warranty but what does it cover? Many warranties only last twelve months and then you may need to pay for a new one. It’s also important to read the small print on any warranty. 

Some warranties will only cover parts up to a certain cost. This being said, parts like the clutch may not be covered and may not be worth spending money to fix. Always double-check that your warranty and insurance cover everything together.

Questions to Ask Your Car Dealer

It’s worth thinking about the questions you need to ask your car dealer and writing them down before visiting the lot. If you wanted to avoid any unwanted surprises, it’s important to get as much information as possible before deciding on a purchase.

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