5 Must-Have Electric Car Accessories

Electric Car Accessories

Electric cars are becoming ever more popular. Need proof? Almost 60,000 of them were sold in February this year alone- an increase of 68.9% from the year before!

If you’re one of the growing numbers of people who own one, then you might be wondering what accessories would make the driving experience even better. We’re diving into the topic today in a bid to help. Sound good?

Read on to discover 5 must-have electric car accessories.

1. Home Charging Units

A major benefit of electric vehicles is the ability “fuel up” from home, rather than at a gas station. How?

With a home charging station.

These handy accessories make it highly convenient to charge your car, saving you the hassle of having to drive to the nearest official charging station in the area. Plug it in at home, leave it for a few hours, and away you go! These days you can even find a portable car battery charger for extra juice on the move.

2. Extra Charging Cables

You’ll get a set of charging cables when you buy the vehicle. However, you don’t know what’s around the corner, so it never hurts to be prepared!

Having a spare set of cables (try to make sure they’re made from heat-resistant materials) will ensure you’re never stuck without charge when you need it most.

3. Electric Car Blanket

Do you love car camping, get cold easily on long drives, and/or want to avoid the expense of heated seats? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you’ll love this particular electric car accessory.

Plugging an electric car blanket into the charging port on the dashboard will deliver instant warmth. Ideal for winter, they make useful additions to car emergency kits (not to mention camping trips and picnics!).

4. Electric Car Tires

Many new EV owners don’t realize these high-tech vehicles produce instant torque.

While traditional tires do the job, they don’t last as long as those produced specifically for electric vehicles. They cost extra but are worth the money as they extend the range of your car.

5. Electric Car Jack

On the subject of tires, we recommend purchasing an electric car jack as well. These clever devices plug into the 12V power outlet and use the vehicle’s electricity to lift it from the ground.

The best ones are compact, have a large base for stability, and stop automatically when they reach the maximum height. Whichever model you buy, though, it’ll provide a quick and easy way to change your tires if you ever get a flat.

Time to Buy These Electric Car Accessories

Thanks to improvements in technology and the driving experience, electric vehicles are gaining popularity among drivers around the world. If you’re the latest person to park one on their driveway, it’ll pay to invest in some electric car accessories. We hope the insights in this article have shed light on the best ones to buy!

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