How To Find Aircraft For Sale

Aircraft For Sale

Just Like Houses and Cars, There’s a Listing Site for Them!

The vast majority of people in the world will never be in the market for a business jet. But those who are, whether for personal use or for important company travel, need to know how to locate an aircraft for sale and avoid being taken advantage of by scam artists and unethical sales practices.

Just as you’d turn to a reputable real estate website or car dealership to look at listings of homes or vehicles for sale, you will want to use a listing site with a good reputation and an established code of ethics in place.

Determine That You Really Want to Buy

Full jet ownership is a costly endeavor, not only because of the jet purchase price but also because of all the associated fixed and flexible costs of ownership. Before you start looking at aircraft for sale, ensure that you will, in fact, be benefiting from full ownership. Other options are available if you opt to skip the purchase this year.

For example, fractional jet ownership allows you to own part of a jet, sharing the costs and flight schedule with another owner. A jet card allows you to fly on chartered jets, prepaid, with a membership. Or you could simply charter flights as you need them. Each of these tends to be less expensive than full ownership, up until you are traveling more than 200 hours each year.

Visit Websites That Limit Who Can List Jets

Aircraft listing websites that allow anyone to make an account without credentials and post jets for sale aren’t worth your time.

You’ll find yourself scouring through numerous misleading posts, filtering out listings that are actually for charter jets, when you could be spending your precious time looking at actual planes you could actually purchase.

Instead, look for websites that require you to prove your private aviation industry credentials in some way before logging in and posting sales ads.

Shop on Websites Run By Reputable Industry Organizations

A website that hosts listings of jets for sale could be developed and launched by just about anyone. That’s why you should do your due diligence and look into who actually owns the listing websites.

Look for a listing website that is owned and operated by a long-standing industry-respected organization, deeply rooted in the private aviation community. An organization like this, theoretically, should be doing everything it can to preserve the industry as a whole.

Trust Websites that Link You to Reputable Resources

Just as a reputable website is important, finding a listing site that also offers you accurate information about the private aviation industry or connections to service providers is a major plus.

If the service providers, such as jet insurance companies, maintenance services, and more, are willing to allow the website to put their name on it, then it’s likely that that website is a quality one, where you can trust the listings of jets for sale. 

Work with an Aircraft Dealer or Broker

It’s nearly impossible to complete an aircraft purchase on your own, without the help of a dealer or broker. Just like you’d avoid buying a multi-million dollar home without professional oversight, you’d want the same care and knowledge during an aircraft acquisition.

That’s why you’ll want to work with a reputable aircraft dealer or broker to handle the transaction for you to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Many people look to the International Aircraft Dealers Association, or IADA, to find dealers and brokers who have vowed to follow their strict code of ethics and who have demonstrated success and experience in the private aviation industry. Only five percent of all aircraft dealers around the world are IADA Accredited.

Not only are IADA Accredited Dealers reputable, but they also have access to post listings of jets for sale on a special website, also operated by IADA.

Follow the Jet-Buying Process

Once you’ve found a jet for sale that will suit your travel needs, you’ll need to complete the purchase process, which can take up to a year. Patience is key!

During the process, you’ll need to prove that you have obtained a variety of insurance policies required for aircraft ownership. Plus make plans for the jet you’re buying to undergo extensive evaluations and inspections before you sign closing paperwork.

Because you’re working with a reputable dealer, you can rely on them to walk you through the purchase process and keep you informed at every step.

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