7 Facts about Blue Canopy Tents That All Marketers Should Know

Blue Canopy Tents

The high costs of advertising/marketing on digital platforms like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, etc., are affecting small-scale business owners. That’s why marketers for these smaller businesses must look for more productive tools to communicate with target customers.

According to several marketing experts, economical marketing tools like direct mail, e-mails, and outdoor signs are the perfect alternatives. These tools are very successful in communicating brand messages. Outdoor signs, for instance, don’t cost much, are long-lasting, and are easy to use inside or outside brick-and-mortar stores.

One type of outdoor sign that’s become very popular among small-scale business owners is blue canopy tents. These customizable tents provide business owners with the perfect avenue to share marketing messages. Getting their businesses noticed in local markets is very easy with these tents.

What are these canopy tents and how should marketers use them? Let’s explore seven amazing facts about these tents and why they’re amazing marketing tools –

1. Canopy Tents are Low-Cost Marketing Tools

Canopy tents are extremely versatile. They come with amazing custom-printing options. Customizing these tents is very easy. Users simply need to upload their HQ artwork, marketing messages, etc., in PDF or JPG file formats. They get to select between 10 ft. x 10 ft. or 20 ft. x 10 ft. tents. The tent sellers will custom-print your artwork on these tents. Use the custom-printed tents as outdoor marketing tools!

2. Canopy Tents Have Aluminum Frames

The best canopy tents have frames made of super-durable aluminum. These frames are designed to be corrosion-resistant. They remain sturdy and effective, even when it’s raining outside.

3. The Frames of Canopy Tents are Extremely Lightweight

Although the frames of high-quality canopy tents are made of aluminum, they’re still extremely lightweight. The light frame materials make these tents easy to transport. Many business owners want to use their custom-printed canopy tents at different locations. Carrying these tents from one event/location to another is very easy.

4. Your Logistics Team Will Love Using Canopy Tents

Logistics teams have to work extra-hard to install banners, posters, billboards, etc. Such efforts are not required when you’re working with custom canopy tents. The frames of these tents open/close very easily. Setting them up takes less than two to three minutes. Marketers can easily install or uninstall these tents across different locations.

5. Canopy Tents Have Durable Fabrics

Custom canopy tents perform amazingly well at trade shows, marketing festivals, farmers’ markets, and other open locations. That’s because the fabric on these tents is fade-resistant. They don’t discolor due to UV damage (from sunlight).

6. Custom Canopy Tents are Wind-Resistant

Worried that your custom tents will fly away during heavy storms? Don’t be! The latest custom canopy tents have protective layers that help them withstand exposure to heavy winds. The sturdy aluminum frames keep these tents grounded.

7. Canopy Tents are the Ultimate Long-Lasting Marketing Tools

Lastly, cleaning the fabrics of these tents is very easy. Use warm water to occasionally wipe away the dirt and debris these tents collect. Then, reuse these durable aluminum frame canopy tents for several years!  

These qualities of custom canopy tents also make them cost-effective. Marketers can use these tents repetitively at every marketing event they attend.

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