Top 16 Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency Online Exchanges

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency

Finding a safe, honest and reliable stage to purchase and trade digital currency can be troublesome, particularly since a bitcoin is esteemed at a very high price now. With everyone’s eyes focused towards bitcoin trade and the fluctuating market center, here are 16 bitcoin, cryptocurrency, digital currency online exchanges: 

1. BitFinex

One of the largest and most popular currency exchange platforms till now, BitFinex provides an exceptional insight into the upsides and downsides of cryptocurrency. Keep a regular check on this website will help you to stay updated with the changing marketplace and assist you to decide which currency is worth investing in.

2. CoinBase

CoinBase is a service that is situated in San Francisco and provides fast and reliable transfer of funds that belongs to the bank to promote the bitcoin exchange process. Moreover, they guarantee to provide a good value where your bitcoin is concerned.

3. Binance

Another different and unique addition to the list, Binance which is situated in Hongkong supports the exchange of different cryptocurrencies among themselves, This platform was solely built with the brokers and bookkeepers in mind. This indicates that through this platform, you can receive deep information on how the market place fluctuates by every each passing minute.

4. Gemini

This exchange platform only allows for banks especially for the students “AGradeEssay” to exchange these coins, however, they tackle this shortcoming by providing full trade protection, good support to the customers and distinct loyalty program that can employ this platform as your choice for full time.

5. Kraken

Kraken has altogether taken adopted a different approach that very few platforms adopt. This approach is facilitating direct exchange between peer2peer. This illustrates that you can trade, barter and swap currencies with the individuals directly without the interference of any external system intermediary. Kraken was designed for people who were professionally trained in this field since it does not guide you much like other exchanges.

6. eToro

eToro is a UK based exchange site that has existed for quite some time and offers honest and dependable system solutions. People can conveniently use PayPal, bank transfers or other different forms of online payments to protect or trade their bitcoins. This site is also good for utilization for people who are beginners in this field and provides constant and continuous supports for the users who need it.

7. LocalBitCoins

LocalBitCoin has dedicated its services to offer exchange possibilities, for “all currencies available” and because of this, they have quite a reputation to live up to. You can effortlessly arrange your country that you are originated from and the currency you want to put up from the bitcoin exchange which makes it more accessible and friendly than the other platforms.

8. XCoins

XCoin is a Santa Monica based exchange facilitator that permits its users to make their payments through PayPal and bank account transfers through a bitcoin exchange. This site offers security and a variety of investment options that people should consider using if they are looking for more long-term service.

9. 24Option

Just like its name, it is a platform that is available at all times and focuses on real-time exchange rate monitoring and permits profitable exchange rates. When you are able to control and keep a check on the site closely, you will be able to put your money or coins into utilizing it for good and make a decent return back by swapping them.

10. Paxful

One of the most flexible and user-friendly platforms on the list, Paxful permits you to pay and swap currencies in a different wide range of techniques. You can utilize everything from bank transfer to Skrill or Amazon account funds, and this service guarantees an effortless and efficient experience. This indicates that you can change the direction the position of your cash flow to whichever platform you want the most.

11. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a London based currency which permits its users to purchase and swap distinct various cryptocurrencies and does not restrict anyone to swap it exclusively. According to college essay writing services, this website is known for its security and protected features. Moreover, it accepts various monetary elements irrespective whatever the country of origin is.

12. Changelly

The Czech Republic did not leave itself behind in this new technological advancement. The Czech republic platform, known as Changelly, provides plenty of options that you might need to avail as a bitcoin broker. It’s one of the most highlighted features is that it provides full satisfaction to the customers according to their needs, which means that you can find reviews and ovations which speak of their quality and safety.

13. CoinMama

This trade stage enables you to make an individual record which can thusly store the majority of your exchanging information for later evaluation. You can likewise buy into the on-site blog to get feeling pieces and diverse news about the commercial center that is digital money trade.

14. Okex

If you are searching for a strong stage for crypto-to-crypto trade, Okex is the spot you should consider. With more than 180 digital currency alternatives accessible for you to match and trade, the stage takes into account an extraordinary measure of opportunity in your crypto trade exercises.

15. BitPanda

As Austria’s reaction to the developing requirement for bitcoin trade stages, BitPanda offers something not many stages do, a particular cell phone application. You can securely exchange from a protected application that the stage proprietors have made for the very motivation behind being the pioneers in secure cash move.

16. CoinSquare

CoinSquare offers the most recent cryptographic money choices for you to exchange with, yet it goes above and beyond than general stages. The proprietors of CoinSquare have chosen to empower valuable metal and mineral exchange too, implying that you can include an additional layer of an exchange over the officially rich determination of monetary forms on offer.


To conclude, the above-mentioned names of the digital currency online exchanges available. These names include bitfinex, coinbase, binance, Gemini, Kraken and many more. 

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