Five Steps to Turn Your Business Into a Cult Brand

How to get to become a cult brand? Turning customers into fans, with a high commitment is not easy, but the fact of opening the way to this possibility will distinguish your business from the rest. Here are five tips to start getting cult followers:

Start with a purpose

The purpose of a brand is the reason, the meaning, and the most human aspect that presents a living brand. It is the significant reason for what you brand your audience, something that goes beyond what you do and is based on why.

The purpose is intimately related to brand loyalty. Trust in the brand stems from a connection between the public and the brand. One of the deeper reasons for that connection lies in a brand aligned with a sense of purpose.

The starting point for the business is to know its purpose, but it must be communicated through storytelling. Telling your story appropriately will make the audience feel part of it. The storytelling of brands is based on emotions and is often the first point where a brand can go from head to heart.

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Commit yourself to your promise

The purpose is the significant reason for the existence of the brand, while its promise is its binding contract with its audience. The loyalty of the cult follows the loyalty to the brand, the loyalty to the brand follows the trust, and the trust follows the constant fulfillment of the brand’s promise, which is derived from the purpose of the brand.

Trust in the relationship between a brand and its public is the cornerstone of its existence. Without trust, there is no relationship. The only way to create and maintain trust is to consistently fulfill the promise that the brand continually makes.

A brand promise favors the connection between the brand and its audience, but its strength is based on the effective fulfillment of that promise. Being consistent with the fulfillment of the promise generates trust in the client, something that is built with the passage of time.

 Focus on your audience

We cannot address the whole world. If it comes to please everyone, it ends up not pleasing anyone. The reason why brands develop a cult status is that they attract a specific type of client with a specific problem and a specific need.

Thus, the knowledge of its public allows a brand to better fulfill its promise and learn what works best with its most loyal customers.

By focusing on the audience, brands focus on the purpose of the business. That will make it possible, over time, to move from the public’s head to his heart.

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Focus on your strengths

Focusing on a specific audience also allows you to focus on what the brand does well. This makes it possible to better develop the services and business processes, increasing the value offered to the audience.

The more a brand focuses on its strengths, the more it will improve and advance its solution, increasing the overall value for its audience.

Iconic Fox sets the example of Volvo, whose brand has remained focused for decades on safety, that is, focusing on what it knows how to do well and, therefore, manufacturing cars with the highest safety standards.

Be consistent

Consistency in what a successful brand does communicates stability, which generates trust. Maintaining the fulfillment of its purpose, fulfilling its promise, focusing on its audience and focusing on its strengths, will allow the brand to attract loyal followers.

When the audience starts talking about the brand in their inner circle, highlighting the value it brings them. Followers of cult brands are also its greatest advocates.

If this happens, the brand must continue along this path and make that consistency a pillar of its brand. The promise of the brand is a key piece in the machinery of a cohesive brand and to neglect it is to neglect the brand itself.