5 Simple Digital Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

Digital Marketing Strategies

When it comes to digital marketing strategies, there are a variety of methods to choose from. Digital marketing is more than a social media post or a website. It’s about creating an engaging line of communication that attracts new customers.

Yet, many local businesses, worry about their digital marketing strategy. The reason being they simply don’t know which strategy is best. If your local business is looking for new ways to attract new customers, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll share ways to empower your digital marketing strategy to maximize your efforts. Here are 5 digital marketing strategies your local business can use.

1. Create a Google Listing for Your Business

One of the first simple digital marketing strategies for your local business is to create a Google My Business account. In this process, you want to make sure you include as much detail about your business as possible. This will help you to be discovered by more potential customers.

You want to start by putting information such as your business name and your location. It is important to add your business hours and your category of business. For example, if you are a restaurant or clothing boutique you would want to include this information.

Once you have created a Google listing you want to make sure that you maintain it. It’s important to keep the information updated as much as possible. Creating a marketing checklist for small business use can help you stay on top of marketing tasks such as this.

2. Use Search Engine Optimization and Local SEO

The next digital marketing strategy you can use is search engine optimization. This is also known as local SEO. The benefit of using SEO is your business will attract organic traffic whenever someone searches specific keywords. For instance, if a customer types ” local pizza shops” if you have classified your business correctly you could show up in the results.

You want to plan for short and long-tail keywords as this is how you maximize your marketing activities. It can be helpful to connect with a reputable digital marketing agency or a digital marketing specialist when using SEO. They can help you implement this into your digital marketing strategy.

3. Multi-Channel Content Marketing

In using digital marketing for your local business you can also leverage multi-channel content marketing. This includes using SMS/MMS mobile messages, content on your websites, social media, and ads.

The idea behind this digital marketing strategy is to give your potential customers engaging information about your products and services. You want to create a higher level of awareness with content so that your prospective customers want to learn more about your local business.

4. Social Media Contest and Advertising

An additional digital marketing strategy your local business can use is running a social media contest and advertise. This can be an effective way to increase brand awareness and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Using social media advertising can be a great way to target specific demographics of customers as well. It will also allow you to target potential customers in your local area. Again, connecting with a digital agency or a social media specialist can help you plan your contest and set up ads to get the word out.

5. Email Marketing

One last digital marketing strategy your local business can use is email marketing. This is one of the best ways to build a customer list so that you can send updates and promotional information about your business.

Best of all because customers have to opt in to emails you know they have some level of interest in purchasing your products or services.

Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level!

Creating a digital marketing plan doesn’t have to be hard. You can use each of these simple actions in your marketing strategy to improve your results and attract new customers. Which strategy will your local business use first?

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