Know About Entrepreneur and Business Executive Matt Zemon

In the present time, more or less everyone is familiar with the term entrepreneur. People are exploring the startup ecosystem in their ways and trying to bring revolutionary changes. In this regard, entrepreneur and business executive Matt Zemon deserves special mention. Keep reading to know more.

Who is Matt Zemon?

Matt Zemon is a self-made entrepreneur who talks about championing sustainable growth and psychedelic use for self-discovery and spiritual connection.

Matt Zemon is an American author and business executive. He is not only running businesses but also promoting the use of legal psychedelics to improve people’s psychological and emotional health.

He has written a book named A Beginner’s Guide to These Powerful Medicines for Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and Expanding Consciousness. This book spreads the knowledge of various psychedelics.

Education of Matt Zemon

Zemon finished his elementary schooling in his native Havertown, Pennsylvania. Later, in 1994, he earned his Bachelor of Arts (BA) in leadership studies from the University of Richmond, and in 2022, he earned his MSc in psychology and neuroscience of mental health with honours from King’s College London.

The Personal Growth of Matt Zemon

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of personal growth and changes at different levels. Matt Zemon also focused on his personal growth a lot. Some instances are:

Entrepreneurial Master’s Programme

Zemon attended a three-year entrepreneurial master’s programme (EMP) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He did the course from 2010 to 2012 because of his love for entrepreneurship and desire to learn new skills.

This programme especially emphasises on strategy, people, leadership, finance, and execution. The EO/MIT entrepreneurial master’s programme aids entrepreneurs in learning from professionals, thought leaders, and successful businesspeople.

Zemon Joined as a Chief Operating Officer

Zemon joined the communications firm LiveAnswer, Inc. in 2014 as the chief operating officer, and in 2016, he was promoted to general manager after arranging a sale to Stericycle. Zemon was a serial entrepreneur and business executive who built numerous firms while gaining significant entrepreneurial expertise, but he felt like something was still lacking.

Guided Psilocybin Journey

After having a transformative experience on a guided psilocybin (magic mushroom) journey in 2019, Zemon developed an interest in psychedelics. Zemon learned more about psychedelic drugs, psychology, and neuroscience as a result of his new experience. Besides, he worked as the Chief Strategy Officer of Psychable, an online community that aims to inform the public and link users with experts who work with legal psychedelics, which he co-founded in 2021.

Zemon’s Professional Life

Zemon started his entrepreneurship in 1996. Before that, he devoted he worked with three prestigious institutions:

  • National Congress of American Indians
  • Atlantic Records
  • Radio City Music Hall

With the establishment of Red Sky Productions, an entertainment firm promoting American Indian talent, Zemon began his entrepreneurial career. The notable play produced by them was a stage production called Tribe. The stage presentation got praise from Variety magazine with the statement “quite possibly the greatest talent of American Indian talent ever assembled.”

Other Achievements of Matt Zemon

Zemon’s other achievements are:

  • He started working for Premier Cruise Lines as the director of international shore excursions in 1999. Zemon established The Brand Foundry in 2021 to serve the cruise industry specifically.
  • Zemon joined the Original Canopy Tour in 2002 as its Chief Operating Officer. He took the responsibility of expanding its operations across numerous nations and establishing connections with several cruise lines.
  • He was also the president of reputed Bulk TV & Internet, which provides television and internet solutions to hotels, condominiums, and assisted care homes and co-founded the business in 2004.
  • Zemon founded Bernard, a consultant for outsourcing and offshoring, in 2006, and he presently holds the position of CEO.
  • Zemon co-founded and rose to the position of CEO of HAPPYY, a mental wellness business that specialises in oral ketamine therapy supported by psychedelics, in 2022. When Zemon’s Psychedelics for Everyone was published in October of the same year, it quickly rose to the top of the bestseller lists on Amazon in 19 different categories, including counselling, medical Ebooks, mental health, depression, spirituality etc.


Zemon supports psychedelics because he thinks they can be a useful corporate tool. Zemon provides an alternate viewpoint on the use of psychedelics in personal and professional development by advocating their ethical usage for spiritual connection and self-discovery. Thus, Matt Zemon continues to have a beneficial influence on the business world as well as the field of mental health and well-being.