Daniel Macchio: Son of Famous American actor Ralph Macchio

Daniel Macchio

Who is Daniel Macchio? Well, everyone heard about Ralph Macchio who is a famous American actor. Ralph has established himself in the entertainment world. Daniel Macchio is his younger son. Daniel also belongs to the film industry. He is a Film Score Composer and an actor. The star kid came under the spotlight from “The Heart of The Crowd (2011), That Was Then (2011), and “The Wrecks (2012), and even worked with Songs for the Drowning.

The talented kid stood in his career by working hard and put enough effort. He did not tool help from his popular father; today, he succeeded because of himself only. Daniel is now preparing for his further movies and putting enough effort to build his career as his father did. Daniel decided to come into the film industry from his childhood. Even though he loves to write, if you want to know about this star kid, stay tuned with the details we will demonstrate about him.  

Quick Info about Daniel Macchio

  • Real name: Daniel Macchio
  • Date of Birth: 1996
  • Age: 25 years old (as of 2021)
  • Father: Ralph Macchio
  • Mother: Phyllis Fierro
  • Birth place: Huntington, New York
  • Nationality: American
  • Career: Actor
  • Networth: $4Million
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Weight : 65
  • Profession : Composer, Actor

Daniel Macchio Age

Daniel Macchio is the younger son of Ralph Macchio and the most beloved one too. His relationship with his father Ralph is too good and smoother. Ralph is blessed with baby boy Daniel in the year 1996. He has an elder sister Julia, who is also accelerating towards her career. Fans of Ralph and Daniel want to know how old Daniel Macchio is? Daniel Macchio age is now 24 years old. Talking about his profession and career, his father has been a generous supporter. Father Ralph always helps his son to lead well in his career. Daniel never feels egoistic for being a star kid. He is an effort-making kid who always stays disciplined towards his career.  

Quick info about Daniel Macchio

  • He is the Biggest Fan office father and also looks up to him.
  • Daniel loves to  Travels during the vacation as well as to beaches.
  • He also has a dog with the name of Oliver.
  • The actor has 12k followers and 664 posts on the Instagram page.
  • He is an animal lover.
  • He is also a big fan of the hockey team’s new work islanders.
  • The actor is now 25 years old and he is very close to his sister.
  • The youngster was present on Twitter with 12062 followers and he joined in September 2013.

Daniel Macchio education

Since childhood, he had given better performance with good marks. At the age of 16, he enroll in High School and after completing higher education he completed he is bachelor’s degree from US State University.

Daniel Macchio Movies

Daniel Macchio is proceeding towards his career well, and now he is also working on a movie. Being a film composer, he worked in Badger, The Wrecks, The Haley Project, Famous James, It’s Color Here, From The Heart of The Crowd, Olivia, That Was Then, We All Failed Daisy, and in Rocks & Pebbles & Happiness. Daniel is a versatile kid who is an actor and writes well too. Being an actor, he worked in It’s Color Here, Across Grace Alley, Songs for the Drowning, and Rocks & Pebbles & Happiness. He wrote Songs for the Drowning and Rocks & Pebbles & Happiness.

So this is all about his career yet, and now he is focusing on his upcoming movie. We do not have information about his forthcoming movie yet, but we still hope it will be a good one. Daniel’s Cobra Kai was also a hit over Netflix. His father, Ralph, worked in the series and got proper attention from his fans. Cobra Kai has two seasons popular enough among people.

Daniel Macchio’s social media

He successfully achieved message attention from the public. As well as he also has many followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He also has 1000 subscribers who dedicated his YouTube videos.

What brought Daniel Macchio to fame?

Well, Daniel Macchio worked in different movies, as discussed above. Composing, acting, or writing, he worked so hard and brought the optimum results; but Daniel’s movie “The Wrecks” and “From the Heart of the Crowd” was the turning point of his professional career. He took a jump from those movies due to working so realistic.

Daniel Macchio social media presence

Daniel Macchio stays active over his Instagram and Twitter Account. One can estimate his previous movies and upcoming news from his Insta Stories and Twitter stories too.    

Daniel Macchio Net Worth

Well, Daniel’s Father, Ralph Macchio, is a well-settled man of the film industry. Ralph’s net worth is around $4Million. Daniel is a great kid who never shows off his father’s name and fame? He never says a word about his father’s net worth. Daniel is focused on making his own money. The Star Kid is only focused on his career and wants to make his net worth up to the mark and his satisfaction. There is no declaration about Daniel Macchio Net Worth , but sooner he is also going to be a star in the Film Industry, then we will discuss him more & more.

Daniel Macchio’s height, weight, and body measurement

She has a height of 5 ft 7 inches with a weight of 66 kg. He has unit body styles with beautiful body measurements. His weight truly matches his height that prefers the healthy body he has.

Relationship Status:

Today’s generation is busy is making relationships or having many affairs. Daniel has always been a sincere and dedicated star kid, whose agenda is to get the same name and fame as his father got in the industry. Daniel is a young sensation in the Film Industry, completely focused on his career for now. His current relationship status is single, and no idea when you will guys get updates for Daniel Macchio Wife. His pathway is taking turns towards new movies and building a strong, established career in the film industry.

Filmography of Daniel Macchio 

American actor also a composer who comes from a long lineage of actors. people believe the star children have influential and famous parents. he ventured into the industry with his hard work and determination. 

He composed different music indifferent films which achieves a good score. from the heart of the crowd is the fast music and it’s got a high score in 2011. The star kid also provides music in a romantic comedy which also so again gets a good score in the music industry. His family also has a comfortable life and he thanks his hard work.

Least Known Facts About Daniel Macchio 

There are several fans of Daniel Macchio. However, very few fans know about these facts about him. This crucial information will help you in being named as his top fan. All the facts are mentioned below. 

  • Ralph Macchio son Daniel Macchio is a tennis lover. He loves to watch live tennis matches. Due to this love for tennis, he went to watch the U.S open in 2018. He went to enjoy that match with his beloved father. 
  • Ralph Macchio has a huge fan following around the world. However, Daniel is counted among his biggest fan. Daniel Macchio sees his father as his inspiration. 
  • Daniel is fond of beaches. He loves traveling to beaches. Mostly he prefers to go to the beach for any vacation. You can spot him on beaches with friends and family. 
  • Daniel is a dog lover. He has a pet dog named Oliver. You can find several photographs of Daniel with Oliver on his Instagram handle. 
  • He is socially very active. You can find his account on every social platform. However, he is most active in his Instagram handle. Currently, he is supported by fifteen thousand followers. 
  • Along with tennis, Daniel Macchio is a big fan of hockey. Just like his father, he watches every major hockey match. His favorite hockey team is New York Islanders. 
  • Ralph Macchio son Daniel is extremely close to his sister. He shares every up and down of life with his sister. Along with this, he describes his sister as the best elder sister. 
  • Daniel has held a tweeter handle since 2013. However, he has only 1262 followers on this social media platform. 
  • Daniel belongs to a zodiac sign in Scorpio. People belonging to this zodiac sign are said to claim, ambitious and passionate. Jonny is extremely passionate and claim. 
  • Daniel is a friend of many well-known celebrities. However, Drake is considered his special friend. Drake is a four-time Grammy award-winning rapper. 

Final Words:

Daniel Macchio is a dedicated star kid putting effort into building his well-established career. He is not like others enjoying the fame of his father’s name and fame. In the film industry, he composed a few movies, series, and cast two movies, and so on. The information mentioned about him is true. To know more updates about him, stay tuned with us. We will be giving know about further updates when received.

FAQs about Daniel Macchio 

1. Are Ralph Macchio’s means son and actor?

Yes, Ralph Macchio’s sun is Daniel Macchio.

2. What games does Daniel Macchio love?

Daniel Macchio is a tennis lover. He also loved to watch tennis matches. Moreover, he also watches matches with his father and enjoys it most.

3. What things does he like to do?

Daniel is a dog lover and also has a pet named Oliver. He also so love to travel on beaches and mostly go for a vacation on the beach. He also so love to travel with his family and friends.

4. Is he has the most active person on social media?

He is very active in social media. He has accounts on every social media platform. However, he is most active on Instagram and he has 15000 followers.

5. In where he focused on?

He focuses on making money. She is also known as a start geet who wants to make net worth for his satisfaction

6. Daniel Macchio married?

No, he doesn’t get married right now.

7. What is the age of Daniel Macchio?

He is now 25 years old.

8. How much weight gain?

He is now 65 kg in weight.

9. What is the height of Daniel Macchio?

He has 5 feet 8 inches in height.

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