10 Irresistible Cakes To Mark Any Celebration

 Cakes are the cornerstone for celebrating every milestone, whether birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. The rapid evolutions in the baking industry and bakers are trying their best to bring something out-of-the-world to our tables; we have been blessed with some of the trending and irresistible cakes of the decade. Not only in appeal but in taste also they are simply the best!

 For all your upcoming celebrations, consider these beauties and leave everyone gushing about the showstopper– cake.

 1) Textured Buttercream Cakes: In the world of cakes, buttercream cakes are the staple. Cakes covered with whipped cream in different flavours are known as buttercream cakes. Till now, you must be relishing those smooth and immaculate buttercream cakes. But, this year is for textures buttercream cakes. Using various baking tools, textures like scallop, ruffles are created.

 2) Naked Cakes: We don’t think naked cakes are going out of fashion any soon. In contrast with other cakes, naked cakes layers are exposed. Naked cakes are best for people who do not love whipped cream in their cakes.

 3) Designer Cakes: Designer cakes are fondant cakes designed with the utmost precision and finesse. Designer cakes are decorated with fondant designs and artwork. Cartoons, Superheroes, Barbies, and other creatures are bought to life with designer cakes. From any reputed bakery, you can order designer cakes for your celebrations. And, if your chosen bakery provides midnight cake delivery in Coimbatore, there’s nothing better than that. So, make your choice wisely.

 4) Metallic Cakes: Colours are important. When looking at colours in cake, go for metallics because that’s in vogue. Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Copper are the biggest players. It could be one tier or a pattern in metallic colour, or it could be the whole cake in metallic.

 5) Floral Cake: Flowers make everything look pretty, even the cakes. Floral wedding cakes have been quite popular. But, floral cakes for all other celebrations also seem to be getting a lot of attention. The recent trend in floral cakes is the use of edible flowers and foliage as compared to buttercream or fondant flowers. Real flowers add elegance to the cakes.

 6) Foliage Cakes: Taking inspiration from the floral cakes, next on the list is foliage cakes. White cakes are decorated with ferns, foliage, and herbs creating a natural look that is refreshing to witness and eat.

 7) Personalised Cakes: There is nothing in this world that can’t be customised. So, personalised cakes seem to be everyone’s favourite because of the nostalgia -stricken vibe they bring along. Both photo cakes and poster cakes are a part of personalised cakes. A thin layer of edible sugar sheet, ie. The photo is frosted on buttercream cakes. Photo cakes make for the perfect gift on any occasion because of the sentimental factor. So, just lookup for a bakery providing photo cake in Kolkata.

 8) Grazing Tables: You must have seen cakes with grazing tables at many weddings and lavish parties. Grazing tables are geometrical shaped tables and stands for creating an exceptional image. Cakes are made to place on grazing tables artistically. Macarons and doughnuts are also placed on grazing tables in the event.

 9) Mosaic Designs: Mosaic cake designs are visually very attractive and exotic. These designs can be emulated in white icing or coloured cakes, in both ways it looks stunning. The Morocco and Middle East mosaic designs are popular.

 10) Geometric Cakes: Round cakes are regular; what is unique is geometrical shaped cakes. Geometrical structures and details are in trend for wedding cakes.

 Which one did you like the most?