5 Must-Have Watches From Nomos Glashutte

Nomos Glashutte

If you’re still seeking a greater brand to consider for your next wristwatch purchase, keep reading. Nomos is one of the most well-known brands in the wristwatch market, producing timeless and diversified watches for the general population. Nomos is connected with high-quality design. Form and function are the driving elements of the Nomos approach to watchmaking. It will be well worth your time to look over the excellent watches they produced.

Nomos watches are perfect for someone who respects quality and beautiful design but doesn’t feel the need to flaunt it. This article will talk about the best wristwatch from the Nomos line that you should consider for your next timepiece buy. We reduced it down to the top 5 best Nomos wristwatches and extensively highlighted the features to consider when selecting your next wristwatch.

Metro Neomatik Automatic White Dial Men’s Watch

The Nomos Metro Neomatik 35 mm Automatic watch is the pinnacle of the Nomos Glashutte line. It has a fashionable feel that will draw everyone’s attention to you. The case is made of stainless steel. The dial is galvanized and white silver-plated. Movement is carried out automatically. Steel pin buckle on a black Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan leather strap. 30-meter water resistance.

Our hand-wound calibers are known for being slim and accurate, and this watch is no exception. Due to delicate hands and cyan blue accents on the white silver-plated body, the dial also has a touch of avant-garde. This timepiece has a high degree of precision and efficiency. 

Nomos Glashutte 309 Model Orion

The model 309 of the Glashutte Orion collection is a wristwatch from the Nomos brand that is a well-polished masterpiece. There are no numbers on the face, giving it a clean and elegant appearance. In addition, the white tone of the dial contributes to the overall sophistication of this watch. 

The combination of stainless steel shell and the black leather band keeps the watch from looking too plain. This round-shaped timepiece has a sapphire crystal with a clear back and measures 35 millimeters in diameter and 8.45 millimeters in height. This timepiece has a power reserve of up to 43 hours and is powered by the handmade Alpha caliber.

Metro Date Model 1101 Manual-winding Watch

The third wristwatch on our list is one of the most understated timepieces we have seen. The Model 1101 is Nomos Glashutte’s greatest timepiece. It is meticulously made by a professional watchmaker of today’s generation. It is yet another wristwatch from Nomos that can be best paired with any attire and worn on any occasion.

The clock has a white and charming dial with clean-looking numbers and characters that allow you to tell the time quickly, even with small lettering. This well-crafted timepiece is charming to the eyes.

Tangente Automatic Model 180  

The fourth wristwatch on our list is the Model 180 of Tangente Neomatik. The classic timepiece is expertly made for gentlemen’s wrists. It has one of the most attractive dials, allowing you to read the time even in dimly lit environments. This wristwatch has a white face with a silver-colored case that is complemented by a black leather band, giving it a strong appearance.

With appropriate care, this timepiece can last for years, allowing you to pass it down from generation to generation. For further protection, you will appreciate the 50-meter water resistance.

Manual-winding Model 701 White Dial Watch

The model 701 is another clean-looking Nomos Glashutte product. It boasts a premium brown band with red stitching and a clean-looking steel case. The black and red inlay lines, indices, and hands pop on the white plated dial. The design makes it look sporty and youthful.

Given the versatility of its design and its 100-meter water resistance, it is fashionable and reliable no matter the situation you are in. Considering its price range, this is a watch that you should consider adding to your collection.


There are many watchmaking manufacturers that provide a wonderful and trustworthy wristwatch nowadays, but choosing the best and most appropriate for your everyday life is the preferable way for investing in a stunning timepiece.

Nomos Glashutte has consistently produced high-quality wristwatches. It is authentic German watchmaking at its finest. As a result, their items may be counted on to last for years, if not generations. No matter what age you are, what era you are in, Nomos Glashutte is undeniably the best watchmaking manufacturer today. This brand is a perfect example of timeless elegance.

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