Alpina Watches: The King In Watchmaking Industry

Alpina Watches

Alpina became famous for its trademark red triangle. In addition, they have a strong legacy of more than 13 decades. Alpina Watches is the real king in the Swiss business, having developed several unique innovations. In addition, they put in place the idea of the Swiss sports timepieces as what the market offers today.

Alpina offers watches in different series for specific events. For example, the Alpiner series is specially made for land activities. In contrast, the Startimer series is specially made for airline companies so that pilots can read the time clearly and easily. Finally, the Alpina Seastrong is specially made for any activity which includes water.

In this article, we will let you explore the greatness of Alpina’s series. In addition, Alpina also has a variety of ladies watches called the Comtesse series. Men and women should try and buy Alpina’s work of art.

Alpina Watches: The All-New Land / Alpiner Series

Alpina watches introduced the Alpina 4 in 1933. Then, they set the norm for current sports timepieces: stainless steel and anti-shock. In addition, the new Alpiner series has powerful and solid components that can withstand any weather conditions. To demonstrate the superb Alpina Watches’ Alpiner Series, we listed one of its top watches.

Alpiner 4 Automatic Silver Dial For Men

This member of the Alpiner series is a classy yet sporty piece. Its silver case and leather strap work well together to give it that timeless color palette. The clean silver dial balances out the sporty bezel. Overall this watch is perfect, and it is stylish, sporty, and cozy. A great fit for everyday use.

Alpina Watches: The All-New Air / Startimer Series

Alpina has been creating pilot timepieces since the 1920s to assist pilots. Airline companies praised Alpina for producing classy and useful watches. In addition, what pilots like about the startimer series is that its dials are very clean, making it easy to measure time. To present the brilliance of Alpina Watches’ Startimer Series, we listed one of its top works of art.

Startimer Pilot Automatic Date Black / Bracelet For Men

This watch is the perfect mate for those who navigate the sky. The stainless steel watch has a smooth silhouette and a classy, sharp color palette. In addition, this piece sports a black dial that contrasts with the white indices for quick and easy reading. Truly, this watch is ideal for every aviator.

Alpina Watches: The All-New Sea / Seastrong Series

The Seastrong series brings Alpina’s diving watches, starring solid aspects that are loyal to Maison’s heritage. These watches are ready for any activity involving water. They are designed to be utilized at lengths of up to 300 meters underwater. Moreover, this series continues the Brand’s proud legacy and is meant to satisfy water sports fans.

Seastrong Diver Quartz Black Dial For Men 

This piece comes in a cool, mysterious, and dark color palette. As a member of the sea strong line, this watch is made for the waters. The dark color palette and light indices and details allow for perfect reading even in the deep. In addition, the rubber straps and stainless steel case create a cozy and secure fit. This piece is perfect for divers who want comfort, style, and safety all in one.

Alpina Watches: Ladies / Comtesse Series

As a specialist in ladies’ timepieces in the 1920s, Alpina has always stayed true to its roots. They are the ones in charge of beautifying women’s wrists with exquisite accents. The Comtesse series showcases a sporty yet classy style, whether doing diving or walking in the woods. To demonstrate the touch of luxury of Alpina Watches’ Comtesse Series, we listed one of its top watches.

Comtesse Quartz White Dial For Ladies

This piece is a part of the elegant Comtesse line. The stainless steel watch has a light and pure color palette, with silver being the supreme color. In addition, the white quartz dial really sets this watch apart from others. This timepiece is sharp, precise, and cold, but at the same time is graceful and pure. This watch is a tribute to the majesty of womanhood and all its class and glory.


Alpina has truly earned its reputation as one of the best watchmakers in the industry. The red triangle on your wrist is nothing short of perfection. In addition, their broad series ensures you have a partner wherever you are, a party, the sky, or even the sea. So when you are in need of a new piece, you know Alpina has what you need.

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