Pro makeup tips for beautifying your Eyes

Eyes are considered the windows to the soul. They reveal your feelings and expose any inhibitions that are left inside. Eyes, in their true form, can be very attractive and stand out. They show the power of seduction and bring out your natural beauty. The good news is, there is much more you can do with the power of eye makeup. By combining the power of innovations and nature, there are many ways to add definition to your eyes. And just like the secrets that keep our emotions in check, there are some tips you can use to accentuate those sexy, flirty eyes, says lash lift and tinting specialists.


Nowadays, it is still important to beautify your eyes as they are the first to show signs of premature aging, and people cannot help but notice these wrinkles. Thus, it is always important to use a concealer – it will help hide aging spots like dark lines or dark circles under the inner eye. Most concealers come in the sticks for easy use, while some are cream type. Concealer can be messy if used incorrectly. It is recommended for a softer application to pat the dots under the inner eye to hide them under dark circles. Use your ring finger to pat to avoid staining your skin or around the eye. Keep taping until the concealer vanishes.

Eyelash Mascara

Carefully applied mascara can bring more beauty to your eyes. But for this, first of all, an ideal mascara should be waterproof. Mascaras that are not water-resistant are entirely useless. It is also important to choose a mascara with a curling formula to highlight your lashes. Gently brush two coats over your lashes to allow the first coat to dry before applying the second. It is also important not to allow a heavy coat to avoid clumping, as a perfect lash will add the counter to your eyes. Remember that our eyes are the most sensitive part of our face. Do not use makeup or skincare products that contain harsh chemicals. Eyelash Extensions and lash lift and tint both are new advanced treatments, by getting these salon based lash enhancements, you can eliminate the need for mascara.  

Eye shadow

Most people don’t realize that the secret to permanent eye shadow is a primer for the eyes. Again, pat the base of the eye on your eyelid before applying the foundation and eye shadow. Now you can party with your friends or spend time with your colleagues without worrying about worn-out eye shadow.

Eye shadows are versatile and compact, available in a variety of shimmering shades to make your eyes more expressive. Mineral eye shadows provide real, natural tones. Start with a lighter color for a fresher look. Transparent and bronzes are perfect for the clean look you are going for. Swirl the three colors together by applying the first color to the eyelid, then moving it to the frontal bone. The second color should be a little darker than the first and end with a darker color. Mix well for a radiant glow.

Some prefer to use a bendable shade and a dark bronze cream liner to highlight the eyes. There are also multidimensional colored mineral eye shadows that can be worn wet or dry, alone or mixed for a more personalized look. It contains amino acids and trace elements that improve the skin for a flawless finish. You can mix multiple colors to create your own unique shade. Better yet, apply with a pressed eye shadow to boost color. But using it alone is also perfect.


Finally, add definition to your eyes by applying eyeliner. Some people want to use dark eye shadows as eyeliner. However, there are many eyeliners coming out. The power of technology has helped create an intense, precise eyeliner that is water and moisture resistant. This easy-to-use eyeliner has a retractable tip and a built-in sharpener.

For a natural look, draw a thin line along the top row of lashes, starting from the eye’s inner corner to the outer corner. For a bit of glamor, intensify the line along the upper lashes and highlight the color on the outer corner of the eye. To enlarge the eyes, apply them along the lower eyelid. Some pencils can help you achieve smoky eyes, like a professional lining the inside of the eyelid and the lashes’ base. It features a thicker diameter than the eye pencil for a more pigmented dramatic effect.