The Benefits of BJJ training

BJJ training

Are you thinking of starting a combat sport to get in shape and learn how to defend yourself? It’s no surprise considering that combat sports are the fastest-growing sport globally. They offer a great way to get in shape and focus your mind.

If you’re interested in starting BJJ and aren’t sure if it’s worth the effort, keep reading. Below are the great benefits of BJJ training that you should understand.

Learn to Defend Yourself

Of all the reasons to get started with BJJ, learning self-defense is usually the number one reason for people to get started. While there are many other benefits of training, understanding how to defend yourself in bad situations is the best benefit you’ll see with training.

The great thing about this type of training is that it doesn’t depend on punching and kicking. You don’t need to have strength behind punches or any of that. You learn how to grapple your opponent to the ground and restrain them to keep both of you safe.

This often leads to better outcomes when you’re defending yourself. Your opponent won’t have a way to fight back if you restrain them, which means you’ll be in a much safer situation.

Gain Strength

Even though BJJ isn’t focused on pure strength, that doesn’t mean you won’t get stronger when you begin training. Training and sparring use almost every muscle your body has. That means you’ll get stronger over time as you continue your training.

Of course, you may incorporate other forms of training alongside your BJJ training to get even stronger. You’ll do this because it will increase your skill with martial arts and make you more able to perform when sparring.

Your BJJ trainer will help you do this and give you the proper training regimen to help you gain strength.

Lose Weight

You will use a lot of energy when you train with BJJ. Much of your time will be spent training on BJJ moves and sparring with others. That can burn many calories during your training time.

This is great for people who want to lose weight. The calories you burn over time can lead to a calorie deficit and help you lose weight. If you combine that with healthy eating, you can lose even more.

As mentioned above, you’ll also gain strength by making your muscles stronger. Muscles use more energy and consume more calories during the day, so increasing your strength can help you burn more calories daily when at rest.

Practice Problem Solving

There is a lot to consider when training in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice. You aren’t just trying to hit your opponent as much as possible. You’re trying to determine a strategy to close the distance and get your opponent to the ground.

That requires a lot of problem-solving. There are countless opponents of different skill levels and sizes, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to the problem.

This means you practice many problem-solving skills when learning to master BJJ. You’ll learn how to quickly size-up situations and determine the best solution in as little time as possible.

You can take those skills to other parts of your life and improve things there.

Improve Your Self-Discipline

Learning how to do BJJ well isn’t for the faint of heart. You need to invest a lot of time and energy in learning how to do things right.

You won’t be able to do this if you don’t have good self-discipline. But that doesn’t mean you can’t develop it in the meantime.

As a result of training, many people who start BJJ training end up with better self-discipline at the end of everything. This is something you can take with you to other parts of your life. You’ll be able to better take on other challenging tasks and not quit before getting them done.

Engage in Competition

You don’t only need to learn BJJ to defend yourself. While learning how to hold your own is nice, you can also use your skills to compete against other BJJ athletes.

There are countless opportunities to test your skills in BJJ. You can start small at your local gym and compete in local competitions.

However, as you improve your skills, you can test your abilities further by competing in larger competitions. This is a great opportunity for people who enjoy competing and winning big competitions. 

Make New Friends

One of the great things about training with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the ability to connect with other people. Unlike other hobbies and forms of fitness, you will largely train in this martial art in a group setting with other like-minded individuals. You’ll work with the same people over time, so you’ll probably get to know them well.

This is the perfect opportunity to make new friends. Since you know the people in your local training facility are into BJJ, you’ll have common ground to strike new relationships.

These relationships will grow over time as you get better together. As a result, you’ll be part of a strong community with people who will look after each other.

Don’t Underestimate the Benefits of BJJ Classes

There are a lot of things you can do to get in shape and improve your life, but BJJ training stands above the rest as one of the best ways. By starting Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu training, you can get fitter, become more flexible, and improve your mental fitness.

Now that you understand more about the benefits you’ll see, start looking for a place to train today. You’ll likely find many options that will make learning BJJ a breeze.