The Many Benefits to The Skin Offered By Micro-Needling


Micro-needling is an increasingly popular treatment for a variety of skin issues that involves the use of a pen or wand that’s equipped with tiny needles that make small wounds in the epidermis. These skin-deep wounds are minute, but they cause the body to react, putting your skin in ‘heal-mode’ and triggering responses that boost its health, radiance, and strength.

All it takes is just a few treatments to give your skin a new glow and the positive benefits are felt for many months after it’s carried out. Here we look at just some of the many ways in which micro-needling can be used to help the skin.

The treatment can help:

In the reduction of wrinkles and lines

Premature skin aging shows up as wrinkles and fine lines, however, the minuscule injuries that a treatment session causes, results in a boost to both your elastin and collagen production that can eliminate those lines.

We’re talking about two compounds that add both strength and structure to your skin, giving it something of a youthful appearance. This harm/heal process also makes your body create new skin cells, making wrinkles on the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes that much less noticeable.

In the treatment of scars & sun damage

as a result of micro needling causing increased production of elastin and collagen, the process can also be hugely beneficial to those with scars, with the only notable exception being acne-caused keloid scars.

Again, because of increased collagen, the treatment can also be very effective in minimizing the appearance of damage caused by the sun, such as age spots and hyperpigmentation. Each treatment you have will stimulate new cells and collagen, helping your skin to become fresh, even, and reinvigorated.

Eliminating stretch marks

The great thing about micro-needling is that it can be effective almost anywhere on the body, which means that it can also treat those pesky stretch marks that can appear on your torso when putting on weight or during pregnancy.

Shrinking your skin’s pores

You might think that the process of puncturing the skin might make your pores bigger and more noticeable, however, the complete opposite is the actual truth! When collagen is introduced to the skin, it makes the areas around your pores more full and plump, meaning that your pores end up almost disappearing!

The List Goes On and On and On…

We could go on for a while longer here and tell you more about the numerous ways in which micro needling is able to help the skin. We’ve not even mentioned an improvement in conditions like rosacea and acne and the fact that it makes the use of topical products able to penetrate deeper into your skin.

The fact is that the treatment might be scary to some, but there are typically only ever minor side-effects like a little soreness, so it could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

It’s worth looking into a little more at the very least!

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