The Wellness Benefits Of An Uncluttered Space

Wellness Benefits

People tend to collect trinkets and things over the years. Every item you own—from papers and documents to wardrobe essentials and kitchen appliances to nifty trinkets and home office tools—can take up valuable space in your home.

Over time, the things you hoard can make your home look cluttered, cramped, and suffocating. Generally, a decluttering project can help you reclaim the space you need and improve your home’s appeal. You can further streamline the process by hiring experts like Same-Day Rubbish Removal, saving you time and effort.

Aside from clearing up your space, did you know that decluttering can also improve your overall well-being? In this article, you’ll learn six wellness benefits of having and maintaining an uncluttered home.

It Gives You Control

Decluttering gives you a renewed sense of control over your environment. Cleaning is a way to help assert more control in your life, especially if you’re struggling with uncertainties. In fact, a study shows that people often do repetitive behaviors such as cleaning during chaotic times to give them a sense of mastery and control over their lives.

Once you control clutter, it gives you a sense of liberation and freedom. This can make you feel more confident in facing other stresses of life. With better control, it also makes you feel more efficient and competent.

It Brings Focus And Better Cognitive Function

Increased focus, concentration, and attention are some of the best perks of decluttering your space. Clutter can drain your cognitive resources and is often associated with reduced productivity and increased chronic procrastination. It creates disorderly and chaotic living spaces, causing the mind to wander.

Also, the overabundance of possessions can distract you from your actions, making it hard to concentrate and complete your tasks. This increases the chances of stalling and makes you feel stuck in a rut.

Several studies have shown that clutter can affect people’s focus, mainly when working. Findings show that increased clutter is associated with indecisiveness and procrastination. Also, it reduces job satisfaction while increasing burnout in employees.

By decluttering your space and having minimal items that are neatly organized, you can prevent your mind from wandering. This gives you a sense of control over your surroundings and significantly improves your concentration.

Limiting the number of materials and items you own can also have the same impact since it reduces the number of things competing for your brain’s attention.

It Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Things that feel out of order may make you feel scattered or anxious. Having a lot of clutter can make you feel as if you’ve lost control over your physical environment. It can be very defeating and bring about stress, anxiety, or depression. Clutter can also make finding the things you need frustrating, which adds to stress and anger.

Thus, creating order in your home and personal belongings also relieves anxiety and stress. A neat and well-organized home is easier on the eyes and makes the area look more refreshing and relaxing. This makes it easier to enjoy the space and prevents mood fluctuations.

It Brings You Energy

For most people, the thought of decluttering can make you feel lazy. When you move beyond that thought and start decluttering, you actually feel more energetic.

Generally, when you’re decluttering your space, it puts you into the ‘get-things-done’ mode and increases your motivation. When you accomplish small decluttering tasks and see the results, you instantly get a sense of accomplishment. This makes you even more energized and stimulated to finish the job or to work on other tasks you need to do.  

It Exercises Your Brain

Did you know that decluttering can also provide some exercise for your brain? Decluttering your space allows your mind to be mindful. It allows your brain to wander off and reduce the overall mental load, which can prevent creativity and innovation in whatever you’re working on.

In addition, decluttering can enhance your problem-solving and decision-making skills. Generally, you need to make everything fit and make reasonable decisions on whether to discard or keep items and where to put them.

It Can Have a Positive Impact On Relationships

Decluttering can help enhance family and social relationships. Whether you’re at home or at the office, clutter can be a source of tension between people in the same area. This is particularly true if they have different ideas of what’s acceptable in terms of cleanliness.

By having a decluttered home or office space, you can prevent fights and friction with other people using the same space.


In a time when most people are overloaded with stressors, you don’t want clutter to further contribute to your anxiety and angst. As you can see, decluttering and maintaining a clean, tidy home not only improves the overall appeal of your home but also enhances your health, mood, and state of mind in a myriad of ways.

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