How to Host a Block Party

Block Party

Planning a block party sounds like a whole lot of fun, especially if you decide to pair it with a fundraiser! Getting the neighbors together to meet, mingle, and share some great food and fun sounds like a win-win setting for everyone involved.

Make your party an extended get-together by offering food and drink for a few extra hours than originally planned. We’re sure your guests will appreciate this freeform flow in the mix. 

Here’s what you need to know to host the perfect jamboree:

Picking a Time and Location

Consider when is best to host a neighborhood party, such as a summer day or an evening in the fall. Choose a location that is easily accessible, like a street corner or an open space in your neighborhood.

Keep in mind that the party should be held in an area that has plenty of space for people to move around and not be squished together. You may also want to pick a place that is near a park or playground for kids to use during the party.

Secure a Permit

Before you get started in party hosting, one thing that you need to do is secure a permit. You will need to start by researching the city and local laws of where you are having the party to determine if one is required. This document will outline the timeframe in which you can host the party, the noise level allowed, and the location.

Depending on the location of the party, you may need to contact the local businesses to verify that they agree with the gathering. Make sure to have the required insurance, adhere to health and safety regulations like renting a portable bathroom, and obtain the necessary permits to host a success block party.

Get Volunteers From Your Community

To get volunteers to help with party planning, reach out to local organizations, schools, and religious institutions. These potential volunteers should be people who share a passion for their neighborhood and are willing to help.

Once a core team of reliable volunteers is established, their role can be structured for additional help. Assign and delegate tasks such as setting up a timeline of events, recruiting additional volunteers, advertising, and soliciting vendors or sponsors. The block party should also include entertainment and activities that appeal to the community.

Exchange Contact Information and Start Conversations

Having guests sign in with names and contact information will provide valuable points of contact in the future. To encourage conversation, create name tags with interests that help people identify common conversation topics. Place them on the table for attendance to view.

Make sure to review the tags before the party, so the host understands the personalities attending and potential conversation topics. During the gathering, make sure to introduce guests to one another and help kick-start conversations. Providing icebreaker questions or games can also help prompt conversations and allow for greater guest engagement. 

Build Lasting Memories With a Block Party

Be sure that everyone has a great time at your gathering! Keep a check on the noise level, provide plenty of food and activities, and talk with your neighbors to make sure everyone is having fun. Don’t forget to take lots of photos for lasting memories. Invite your neighbors and get ready to host a fun, successful festival! So go ahead, it’s time to start planning that perfect block party for your neighborhood – you won’t regret it!

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