Rare Air Jordans You Need to Add to Your Collection

Rare Air Jordans

When Michael Jordan entered a shoe contract with Nike they were expecting $3 million in sales within 3 years. The Air Jordan brand then made $126 million in the first year alone.

Nike has released many different pairs of Air Jordans, with some being significantly rarer than others. Rare Air Jordans have become a must-have for many sneaker collectors, and some pairs are now worth thousands of dollars as a result.

For a rundown on some rare pairs of Air Jordans you want to have in your sneaker collection, keep reading.

Fragment x Air Jordan 1s

Fragment Design is a Japanese clothing brand founded by Hiroshi Fujiwara. He has worked with Nike on various shoes, but this was the first. These classic sneakers have a royal blue/black/white colorway which has become one of the most popular amongst Jordan collectors.

It features the Fragment Design logo on the heel and Nike released them in December 2014 in very limited amounts. They had a price tag of $185 at release and currently sell for $4,500-$7,500.

Chinese New Year 2021

Most rare Air Jordans are high tops, which makes these stand out as some of the most desirable low-top Jordans available. These are a fairly new pair, released in 2021 (the year of the ox).

The red and black colorway has intricate embroidery giving a unique look. Nike and the Jordan brand have released other rare sneakers commemorating Chinese New Year in the past and recently followed these up with a year of the tiger pair for 2022.

Nike only made 8,500 pairs and sold them in traditional Christmas packaging. The price at release was $130, but now you aren’t likely to find them for less than four times that amount.

Air Jordan 2 Eminem The Way I Am

When Nike started collaborating with Michael Jordan on shoes, it immediately added value just by having his name on them. Bringing another celebrity into it only serves to increase that value even more.

In 2008 the Jordan Brand collaborated with Eminem to make a new design for the Jordan 2s. They are in a black/grey colorway with Eminem lyrics in red and white across the shoe. They came alongside Eminem’s book, The Way I Am.

Only 313 pairs were made, which is a call to the area code of Eminem’s hometown in Detroit. They had a price tag of $130 and sold out immediately. If you want a pair now you will need to pay between $3,000 and $12,000.

Air Jordan 1 Retro Wings For the Future Gold

Another pair that spawned from a big-name collaboration, there were designed by artist Dave White. These have a more artistic design than most other Jordans, with a white base, gold splashed over the toe and red stripes towards the rear.

Only 23 pairs were made, releasing during the All-Star weekend of 2011. They raised over $23,000 for the Future Initiative, a charitable program that started at Inglewood High School in LA.

These are now almost impossible to buy, but you can find an alternative pair with a black toe instead of gold for under $1,000.

Air Jordan 3 Seoul

These were made to commemorate 2 things: Michael Jordan earning his nickname “Air Jordan” after his famous All-Star dunk, and the 1988 Summer Olympics in Korea that he played in.

These were only released in South Korea on Nike’s Korean website, making it very hard for American fans to get a pair. They sold out at an original price of $225. Today you can get a pair for around $1,100.

Air Jordan 3 Interscope PE

While collaborations with celebrities and fashion brands are not uncommon, to do so with a record label is quite rare. Interscope is one of the few labels to do so, releasing these Jordans in 2017.

They were made in a black/grey colorway with “Interscope Records” and their signature “i” logo printed on them.

These were not actually released for sale, and could only be easily obtained by Interscope employees or their signed artists. Now you might be able to buy a pair for around $3,500.

Air Jordan 7 Miro

Another pair that draws inspiration from the Olympics, but this time from the 1992 Summer games in Spain. They commemorate Jordan’s winning Dream Team as well as the work of Juan Miro, an artist from Barcelona.

The design features a black/white colorway accented with colorful hearts to match the style of Miro’s Woman and Bird Sculpture. Jordan traditionally wears the number 23, but his Deam Team jersey was number 9, and as such, that is the number featured on these shoes.

Fewer than 1,000 pairs were made, selling for $175 each. They were only sold in Spain, adding to their rarity, and can now be found for upwards of $1,500.

Air Jordan 25

The Air Jordan 25 was released in 2010 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Air Jordan sneaker. These were designed by Tinker Hatfield, the man behind various other pairs of Air Jordans.

A stand-out characteristic of these is one of Jordan’s most famous quotes printed at the base of the midsole: “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” A hologram can also be found inside the tongue and on the back of the shoe (the only Jordans to feature this).

They include a Flywire system to make them more comfortable and lightweight, and the sides have air vents giving improved ventilation. These shoes don’t just stand out for their appearance, but also their performance.

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Honorable Mention: 1985 Exhibition Game Air Jordan 1s

These may be the most desirable pair of Jordans in the world, so unfortunately you are very unlikely to ever have them in your Air Jordan collection.

These are a standard style of the Jordan 1s, but this pair stands out as Michael Jordan wore them during a 1985 exhibition game. Not only that, but during this game, Jordan actually broke the glass backboard with a slam dunk.

Naturally, these are a very sought-after pair, and the most recent sale was for $615,000.

Collecting Rare Air Jordans

Any sneakerhead knows that rare Air Jordans are amongst the most sought-after shoes available. One clear thing is that the rarest pairs increase with value over time, so if there are any you really want, get them while you can!