Why Pigeon Forge Should Be Your Next Family Vacation Destination

Pigeon Forge

Going on a family vacation is an excellent way to leave your stressful and busy life behind and bond with your family. But finding a suitable place for a family vacation can be tough. You must consider your budget, accommodation, the kid-friendly activities to partake in, and more. So, if you are planning a family trip, Pigeon Forge might be an excellent choice for you. Located in Tennessee, this small mountain town has something for everyone. Whether it’s amusement parks, museums, natural attractions, or fine dining, Pigeon Forge has it all. It’s no wonder that Pigeon Forge welcomes millions of visitors each year despite having a population of just over 6,000 people.

With that said, this article discusses why Pigeon Forge can be the perfect destination for a fun-filled and unforgettable family trip. Let’s get into it!

Reasons Why Pigeon Forge Should Be Your Next Family Vacation Destination

Here are some reasons why you should visit Pigeon Forge with your family.

1.       Dollywood

Dollywood is reason enough to visit Pigeon Forge. It is one of the most popular attractions in Pigeon Forge. So, no trip to Pigeon Forge is complete without spending a day at Dollywood, and here’s why.

Although there are many activities to enjoy, the rides at Dollywood are arguably the biggest draw. You can try fun rides like the Village Carousel or the Dollywood Express, which takes you for a ride around the theme park. On the other hand, if you are looking for some thrill, you can go for a ride on some of the most amazing roller coasters there.

If you plan on visiting during the summer, you can also visit Dollywood Splash County, which is adjacent to the theme park. Here, you can beat the heat by enjoying numerous pools, rides, and water slides. Last but not least, you can be a part of wonderful festivals and holiday celebrations at Dollywood too.

2.       Amazing accommodations

A common challenge when planning a vacation is sorting out the accommodation. But you don’t have to worry too much about that when going to Pigeon Forge. While the town has the typical forms of accommodation like hotels, staying in cabins is perhaps the best way to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Cabins feel just like home. They have different rooms, a living room, a fully-equipped kitchen, and more amenities than you could find at a hotel. Moreover, staying in a hotel with children can be hard as children do not like being bound to one place. But, in cabins, your family will be free to do whatever they want. You can watch movies in a theatre room, plan a barbeque on the deck and cook and eat whatever you want. And your children will also have a place to play outside.

3.       Natural beauty and scenic views of Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge is famous for being the gateway to the Smoky Mountains National Park. So, the town offers stunning and picturesque views of the mountains. And you can explore all the natural attractions Pigeon Forge has to offer for free.

For instance, you can go for a hike in the Smokies and opt for a shorter trail if you have children. You can enjoy waterfalls, greenery, and other natural attractions. You can also plan a picnic at the national park and cook your meals yourself to save money. Apart from that, you can go for a scenic drive in the mountains and explore more areas without getting tired.

4.       Entertainment

Pigeon Forge offers different types of entertainment for its visitors. For instance, dinner shows are a popular attraction here. And it is just like it sounds. You get dinner, along with a live show. These shows are loved by adults and children alike. Similarly, you can listen to live music, attend comedy shows, go to the theatre, or watch a mesmerizing fountain show at The Island.

5.       Family-friendly activities

As mentioned before, Pigeon Forge has something for everyone. So, it is an ideal vacation spot for people of all ages. Here are some of the places you can visit with your family in Pigeon Forge.

The Island in Pigeon Forge

The Island at Pigeon Forge is one of the top famous tourist attractions in town. It offers numerous activities for its visitors, and it is almost impossible to explore it all in one day. At The Island, you can:

  • Visit the amusement park and go on thrilling and fun rides.
  • Enjoy delicious food and fine dining.
  • Go shopping for souvenirs.
  • Attend holiday and festival celebrations.
  • Get a stunning view of the Smokies on the Ferris wheel.


If you’re looking for a fun activity to enjoy with your family, you can always try go-karting. Pigeon Forge has numerous tracks you can choose from. And, the best thing is, you can also find special tracks for young children that are safe yet as fun as the real deal. In some of these tracks, adults can join the young ones as well.


If you and your family love thrilling activities and adventures, rafting is the right activity for you. You can splash down the Pigeon River in an inflatable raft and have the time of your life. However, you will also have a guide with you to help you and keep you safe.

6.       Full of history of Pigeon Forge

If you’re fond of history, you will enjoy visiting Pigeon Forge. As it is an old town, it is filled with rich history. For instance, Old Mill Square is a popular historical site in Pigeon Forge. It looks just like it did in the 19th century and allows you to take a step back in time. You can also enjoy delicious food and shop for souvenirs here.

7.       Museums

Nothing can beat an informative yet fun museum. And Pigeon Forge is filled with such museums. One of the museums you should definitely visit is the Titanic Museum. It was created as an ode to the mighty vessel and its sad ending.

It is shaped just like the ship and has its bow resting in water to give its visitors an authentic experience. You can explore the galleries at the museum that are filled with interesting artifacts, some of which belonged to the original passengers.

Concluding Thoughts

Going on a family vacation is an excellent way to bond with your family and create unforgettable memories. And Pigeon Forge can be the right destination for the ultimate family vacation.

Here, you can enjoy numerous kid and family-friendly activities with your loved ones. You can go to amusement parks and museums or experience thrilling activities like rafting. On the other hand, you can also spend some time in nature, breathe in the fresh air and leave your worries behind.

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