How to Choose the Best Travel Mug for Your Needs

Best Travel Mug

To stay healthy, we need between 11.5 to 15.5 cups of fluids a day. Most of this should come from water, but other beverages or even food count too!

An easy way to motivate yourself to drink more liquids is to bring a travel mug wherever you go. That way, if you ever feel like you’re too busy to hydrate, all you need to do is reach over and grab it for an instant sip!

However, there are many types available, so you’ll need to narrow your choices down. Read on to find out what you need to consider when choosing the best travel mugs for your lifestyle.

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Size and Capacity

Are you someone who can chug large amounts of liquid? Or do you have a small bladder and prefer to drink smaller amounts at a time? The size you choose will heavily depend on your answers to these questions.

Also, you need to take your daily schedule into consideration. If you’re always on the run, then a large travel mug can be cumbersome. Plus, it may not fit in the cup holder for your car or bag.

But on the other hand, if you’d like to get your daily liquid intake while sitting at your office desk, without having to get up for multiple refills, then a larger size and capacity is ideal here.


The material your travel mug is made of will affect not only its weight but also its durability and insulation capabilities.

For example, plastic is lightweight and reasonably durable, making it best for on-the-go mugs. However, it’s not great at insulating, so if you want something light to drink room-temperature water in, this is ideal.

If you want something durable that retains heat well, opt for stainless steel. But this material can be heavy, making it better in more stagnant situations.

You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of all the travel mug materials to determine which ones cater to the factors you find most important.


On that note, if you want to keep your drinks ice cold or piping hot, you’ll want insulation technology on your travel mug. The material is an important factor here, but the insulation properties will make a significant difference.

In general, you’ll want to look for vacuum insulation or double walls. Stay away from simple single-walled travel mugs if you want to maintain the temperature of your drink!

Lid Design

The last thing you want is for your hot coffee or sugary soda to spill out onto your clothes, upholstery, or car seats. This means an excellent lid design is a must.

When browsing your options, examine the lids carefully. They should be tight-fitting; if you’re shopping in person, try putting the lids on and prying them off. The seal should be tight.

Check out the locking mechanisms too. Play around with them to see how they work and if they’re secure. If there are no locking mechanisms, then see if there are silicone gaskets, as these will keep your travel mug closed.

Handle or Grip

Handles and grips aren’t always necessary, but they’re nice to have if you need something extra to grasp and carry your mug firmly. Although the nice part about not having these things is the travel mug is more simplistic, meaning it’s more likely to fit in places when you want to set it down.

If you really need a handle or grip though, then take a look at the materials and design. Some people are fine with hard plastic in an upside-down L shape, but others find that tough on their hands. If that’s the case for you, then get peace of mind knowing that there are companies that have designed ergonomic handles and grips that are easy on the hands.

Style and Design

It shouldn’t be all work and no fun when you’re picking a travel mug. Not only should it tick all the boxes for your wants and needs, but it should also be pretty to look at.

Thankfully, many brands have realized that travel mugs are seen as fashion accessories, so you’ll have plenty of amazing styles and designs to choose from.

Regarding design, think about how easy it’ll be to clean too. Some mugs may be aesthetically appealing; in reality, though, they’re a pain to clean and keep bacteria-free. An added bonus is if it’s dishwasher-safe, as you can leave the cleaning to the machine!

Brand and Price

You can’t go wrong with well-known brand names, as their products are tried and tested. However, some can be absurdly expensive, and you won’t always get what you pay for either.

It’s best to balance brands and prices; opting for something in the middle can be good. That way, you’ll get a good selection at affordable prices, like with Polar Camel. Shop for Polar Camels here if you’re interested.

Before you buy, double-check customer reviews to ensure you’re getting a quality travel mug.

Pick the Best Travel Mug for Your Needs

Having a travel mug by your side can make hydration so much easier. When you have something fun to look at, you’ll want to pick up your mug to drink liquids more often. And as a result, you’ll take better care of yourself.

So do yourself a favor and go on the hunt for the perfect travel mug. When you’ve invested in a good piece, you’ll have hydrating power for the foreseeable future!