Best time to visit Sorrento in Italy

Sorrento in Italy

Want a break from your rigorous work schedule? A visit to Sorrento in Italy will restore your soul and calm your mind. This quaint little town in Italy has a peaceful atmosphere and welcomes its tourists with open arms. Although the place is open to its guests all year round, people flock here the most during April to October. The period of Easter to Halloween is actually the best time to visit Sorrento and enjoy nature at its best. This is the time when the town throbs with life and all hotels, restaurants and shops are bustling with people. Look for holiday villas in Sorrento in Italy any month between April to October.

If you want to visit Italy’s Amalfi Coast from Sorrento, simply take a ferry that runs to and fro at regular intervals. While the Capri Island and the Amalfi Coast lie low during the winter season, Sorrento has visitors also during the snow season. However, if you want to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer in Sorrento. Visit this place during the summer and the fall. If you desire to swim in the Mediterranean Sea, it is permissible from the beginning of May to the middle of October.

Late March to Mid-June –

April and May are the two months when the weather is most pleasant and Sorrento is at its best. The long sunny days are filled with the lingering scent of orange and lemon trees and tourists have the time of their lives in Sorrento during this time. The temperature remains moderate which is great for a midnight stroll out on the streets. School groups and bus tours take place frequently and hence the town remains crowded almost all the time. 

Mid-June to Mid-September –

The summer season calls for cloudless days which is great for tourists to enjoy the scenic beauty of Sorrento. However, the temperature may soar during the daytime causing stuffiness to the visitors roaming outside the holiday villas in Sorrento in Italy. It is advisable to spend the hottest hours of the afternoon indoors relaxing at a spa or beside an indoor pool. Go out in the morning or in the evening to avoid the scorching glare of the sun. Shops and bars remain open until midnight and most hotels are at their peak booking season during this time.

Mid-September to December –

The weather turns mild and does not become too chilly until the end of December. Thus, tourists can go around without shivering to their bones and enjoy the beauty of the fall. However, your visit can be marred by occasional rainfall. Tourists mostly remain in Sorrento until mid-October and then prefer to return home.

A visit to Sorrento will get you acquainted with its towering mountains, vast valleys and the golden beach. It is quite difficult to get a booking in the holiday villas in Sorrento in Italy during the peak tourist season. Get in touch with us at Rental Homes to get everything done smoothly.

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