Angel Luis Pérez Galarza: A Trailblazer in the Puerto Rican Software Industry

Angel Luis Pérez Galarza

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When discussing the software sector and technology leaders in Puerto Rico, one name always comes up: Angel Luis Pérez Galarza. Pérez, a forerunner in his industry, has left an unmistakable mark on Puerto Rico’s software industry, positioning him as a pivotal player in the sector’s progress. From his modest origins to his successful career, Pérez’s story speaks eloquently about tenacity, ingenuity, and devotion to fostering the next generation of software engineers.

Pérez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on September 18, 1967, and spent his early years in Toa Alta before going on an educational career that would take him to the forefront of the software business. After completing his elementary school with honors at Academia Discípulos de Cristo in Bayamón, he got a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico’s Mayagüez Campus. Pérez, who graduated magna cum laude, showed an early aptitude for his specialty. In 1993, he earned an MBA from the University of Hartford, strengthening his intellectual basis.

Pérez’s professional career began in 1990 with Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, Connecticut, where he worked as a software developer. Before returning to Puerto Rico, he worked for Southern New England Telephone. Pérez temporarily returned to academia as a professor at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico in the mid-1990s while overseeing Information Technology at Federal-Mogul’s Puerto Rico and Florida locations. However, it was not until 2000 that Pérez made his impact on the software business. He joined Rock Solid Technologies, a Puerto Rican software engineering services and consulting firm, swiftly rising through the ranks to Vice President, a position he occupied for more than two decades.

Pérez was president of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) in 2007. This platform, intended to create synergies among Microsoft’s partners, energized the Puerto Rican software sector by offering a channel for cooperation and technical growth. Pérez’s influence as president of IAMCP Latin America in 2010 went beyond his own country, influencing the region’s software business.

Pérez’s successful career encompasses several honors attesting to his leadership and services to the software industry. The Puerto Rico Professional Engineers Association awarded him the 2003 Computer Engineer of the Year award. This honor was a crucial milestone in Pérez’s career and a testimonial to his talent and impact. Among his other accomplishments were three Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year Awards, demonstrating his dominance on the world stage.

One of Pérez’s most lasting legacies is his devotion to mentoring the next generation of software developers. He has been a relentless champion for preventing the ‘brain drain’ from Puerto Rico, launching a slew of efforts to retain and promote local talent. Notably, Pérez has served on multiple External Advisory Boards at the University of Puerto Rico’s campuses and has granted scholarships and internships to eligible students for over 16 years. These programs have substantially impacted the Puerto Rican software sector, developing a new generation of qualified and motivated professionals.

After more than two decades on the job, Pérez’s retirement in 2021 as Vice President of Rock Solid Technologies was not the end of his impact. As a board member at Universidad Sagrado Corazón and Vice President at Grupo Guayacán, he continues making gains in the software business, demonstrating his tenacious impact.

Angel Luis Pérez Galarza’s career path demonstrates his devotion, inventive attitude, and leadership in the software business. His effect on Puerto Rico’s software business will be felt for years, as shown by his contributions and dedication to developing local talent. Pérez’s reputation as a pioneer and a lasting inspiration for future software engineers is intrinsically tied to Puerto Rico’s software industry.