5 Online Rephrasing Tips to Make the Best Version of Your Content



Rephrasing is a skill and it takes time to practice. You need to rewrite content that is already good, keep the context the same, but write it differently. One can definitely see how this can become complicated. There is the option of online rephrasing, but you can do it yourself if needed. If you don’t have a lot of time to invest in learning how to rephrase the content, you may want to go with the online versions.

For those who want to attempt rephrasing their content, there are some tips you can apply to make it happen. This is a process that one should not rush. If not done correctly, there is a possibility of plagiarism being present. In the rules of writing, plagiarism is regarded as a serious offense. If you are caught plagiarizing in school, you also can have your paper thrown out. This is why online rephrasing is the best option at times. Here are some tips to help you rephrase your content without too many hassles.

1. Active to Passive

One way of paraphrasing is changing the voice you write in. It is probably one of the easier ways to rephrase the content. You simply switch from the third person to first person or vice versa. When rewording online you want to find content that is original. You can do so by changing the voice type. Once you find your rhythm, it becomes much easier to manage.

2. Keep it simple

There is no need to complicate your writing. This is usually where people start making mistakes. When you keep it simple, you are less likely to add grammar and spelling issues to your writing. There is never a need to complicate writing anything. You have to consider the reader, but most of the time, simply writing works.

3. Forget the synonyms

People often think that paraphrasing simply means using tons of synonyms. This is definitely not the right way to go about it. There is not a synonym for every word and the meaning can change with the use of alternative words. You have to change your entire writing style and structure when paraphrasing, not just single words. It is a lot of work to paraphrase and thus is the reason people use online services.

4. Understand the content

Before you can rephrase a sentence, you need to understand the original one first. You need to fully emerge yourself into the original writing to fully know how to paraphrase. If not, you are going to change the context. It is also said that paraphrasing is not sentenced by sentence. Instead, it is reading all of the content, understanding it and then based on that knowledge, you paraphrase.

5. Cite

Even if you are paraphrasing, there is some content you still have to cite. You can do this close to the paraphrased content. This is especially true if there is research attached by the original creator of the content. Certain rights do not fall away.

Have you ever used online rephrasing?

There are some good rephrasing websites online. Not all of these are the best. There are the free versions, which you can get some pleasing results with. If you are busy with serious content, you might want to go with a reputable paid service to do your paraphrasing. There is the alternative of doing this yourself. Be sure to use a plagiarism and grammar checker if you decide to go this route. It seems like a ton of work, but it is totally doable with the right mindset and tools.

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