Fashion Photography Tips for Budding Photographers to Boost Their Brand

Fashion Photography Tips

As a professional fashion photographer, the image-based app Instagram should be your hot-favorite app to promote your pictures and photographic skills. It is the right platform for showcasing your latest work, keeping your followers engaged and updated, attracting new collaborations, and impressing new clients. However, building a loyal follower base does not happen overnight. 

Fashion photography has been referred to by the New York Times as the‘Art World’s Rising Star’. We can see that fashion photography is gradually gaining the recognition and appreciation that it rightly deserves. There are numerous fashion photography accounts on Instagram. They are a hot favorite of young Instagrammers who are constantly seeking fashion inspiration. 

Promising fashion photographers may sharpen their skills and tactics by exploring the expert fashion photography tips by experts in the trade. You could use these handy tips for taking your Instagram fashion photography to the next level. 

Do Not Forget to Experiment with Natural Lights

When it comes to fashion photography, getting the correct exposure is of pivotal importance from the perspective of creating details and dimensions for defining a photo. Lighting is the key parameter that makes a simple picture pop out. Using proper lighting will go a long way in enhancing the overall quality of your pictures.

It is important to have a sound knowledge of the different types of lights that can be used while arranging the shots. Expert fashion photographers have mastered the art of using lighting to their advantage. High-temperature lighting will add a blue spectrum, but we know that low-temperature lighting will infuse a reddish glow. 

Excessive light will end up washing out the photo. Low light may end up making the picture dark and displaying undesired shadows. Instagram is a phenomenally-popular platform for fashion photography aficionados as it showcases mind-blowing fashion photos with optimum natural lights.

Focus on Highlighting the Fashion

Instagram fashion photography should have ‘fashion’ at the hub of all your efforts and activities. You can achieve this by giving top priority to the outfit in question. First of all, decide how you would like to showcase the beautiful outfit. Once you are sure about that, you may take into consideration other key factors like the background, colors, props, etc. 

If you are showcasing a pink outfit, choose a background that is effective in highlighting the brightness of the dress. Focus your attention on choosing the background that complements the outfit. Do not opt for a backdrop that looks only aesthetically appealing. 

It is the responsibility of a fashion photographer to make sure that the outfit details are visible clearly in the photo. Make sure that the model is not blocking any design details of the outfit. 

Choose an Appropriate Background

You cannot undermine the importance of the background in terms of fashion photography as it plays a crucial role in photo composition. It is not enough to think only about where to strategically, place your model. It is far more important to understand how the different elements or features of the background will be impacting the overall balance of your photo. 

According to Huffington Post, the best fashion bloggers are in the habit of creating an apt photo set to ensure that the pictures fit perfectly into a story. It may include some close-up shots highlighting design details of the attire, or some pictures of models wearing the outfit and posing differently in each shot. 

When you have a set where the pictures fit together perfectly, it helps to generate a more professional feel and approach to the fashion post. It goes a long way in maintaining interest and variety in your fashion photographs on Instagram. You may check  likes on Instagram to boost your follower count to get more views on your fashion photography posts.

Focus on Working with the Outfit

A picture speaks volumes, and it is essential to keep this in mind if you are involved in fashion photography for Instagram. You may use the perfect angles so that you are successful in highlighting the cut, color, shape, and finer design details of the outfit. Moreover, there are some other vital details to showcase to take your fashion photography game on Instagram. If you wish that your pictures stand out from the usual fare, you must try your best to highlight the textures, for instance, textures can infuse an exceptional look in the case of a beautiful long flowy dress. Models do not have to be stationary instead, they may indulge in a small jump and few spins to highlight the texture of the outfit. You may create a fascinating effect by allowing the breeze to caress the beautiful outfit.


You can take your fashion photography to the next level by following a few rules like perfect color balance, a fascinating concept, being innovative, and more. Experienced fashion photographers have mastered the art by trial and error. You may follow the above-discussed fashion photography tricks to take your fashion photography brand to the pinnacles of glory.

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