8 Ways Educators Can Benefit from An EdD Program

online doctorate in education

Every educator also serves as a leader within an academic setting in some capacity. But are principals and administrators the only true leaders in schools? Every teacher has leadership potential that they can harness by improving their educational qualifications.

Today, an educator’s influence isn’t limited to the classroom anymore. It extends beyond the confines of the school, contributing to the betterment of the American education system.

So, what’s the highest degree you can achieve as an educator? We propose pursuing a doctorate in education (EdD) to become better at what you do and change the world with your applied potential. Let’s talk about why this degree is valuable.

Advantages of pursuing a doctorate in education in 2022

According to Yale, it has been precisely one hundred years since the first Education Doctorate was awarded in the United States. This degree has become synonymous with academic expertise and educational excellence ever since.

It helps educators understand the challenges facing students today and develop educational policies. It’s a terminal degree that prepares people to assume administrative responsibilities in academic settings. So, how do you pursue an EdD? We have some digital solutions.

Distance learning allows educators to improve their academic expertise while carrying out their teaching responsibilities. Teachers can attain an online doctorate in education and enhance their educational leadership. This degree bolsters their leadership qualities, thereby making them better at evolving the field of higher education.

It enables educators to address real-world issues in education and tackle the challenges hampering students’ progress. 

Here are some concrete advantages of earning your EdD online today:

Fulfill your ambitions

Today, several teachers have this yearning to improve their credentials by pursuing a doctorate. You can now fulfill your dreams digitally by attaining this degree from a reputable institution.

Educators often consider it a personal challenge to bolster their educational qualifications. There always comes the point in their careers when they begin asking, “What’s in this career for me?” Thus, an EdD allows you to assume administrative responsibilities in this field and make yourself useful managerially.

Tackle educational challenges

Our educational institutes are rampant with many issues ranging from dropout rates to bullying. A teacher can bolster schoolwide dialogues regarding these problems while offering guidance to those who wish to become more active in societal activities.

So, earning an EdD allows you to spearhead a sensitive discussion about social/technical challenges facing our students. This degree gives you the skills needed to make schools safer for kids and create an atmosphere that welcomes innovation.

Hone interpersonal skills

In 2017, a Gallup survey indicated that 70% of teachers weren’t engaged at work. The burnout rates among teachers lie between 17% and 44% currently, indicating the need to bolster our educators’ “soft skills.” When teachers actively participate in classroom discussions, engage with the parents, and communicate effectively with their colleagues, their productivity remains ideal. Thus, an EdD helps educators bolster their interpersonal skills by instilling:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving

Research your passion

Who doesn’t want to research the industry they are associated with professionally? Earning a doctorate allows you to study the education sector thoroughly and contribute to its development.

This practice can also become a personally rewarding experience for you when you’re producing positive changes within the classroom. From student counseling to classroom administration – your services can make schools better places of learning. That’s why EdD degree-holders are vital for this field.

Always remain competitive

In April 2020, around a million teachers lost their jobs due to the pandemic. So, how can you future-proof your career? Earning a doctorate in education helps you remain competitive and display your value to your organization.

The academic atmosphere has become more complex today. So, educators must continue improving their teaching abilities to keep their jobs. Honing academic credentials can help teachers survive in this COVID-infected world and escape unemployment.

Pursue advanced careers

What are some careers you can pursue with your doctorate in education? An EdD makes you eligible for promotions within your organization. You can even switch careers to attain some advanced and better-paying positions in the education institution.

Given their administrative capabilities, these individuals are highly valued for several senior occupations requiring shrewd managerial acumen. Hence, here are a few career pathways for EdD degree-holders we consider financially lucrative:

  • University dean
  • Education researcher
  • Education policymaker
  • Education program director

Increase your earnings

With more enticing credentials comes a heavier paycheck. Educators can increase their salaries by pursuing a doctorate in education, making themselves more valuable to organizations.

A postsecondary teacher makes over $80,000 annually, and the BLS expects this profession to grow by 12% this decade. However, an EdD makes you eligible for administrative responsibilities accompanied by better wages. 

Better than a PhD

Now, here’s an important question. What makes an EdD better than a Ph.D.? Given the similarities between these two credentials, people are confused about which degree to pursue to advance their careers. Concisely, a Ph.D. discusses a theoretical approach regarding the institution of education. However, an EdD prepares you to implement these theories and practically demonstrate your knowledge.

That’s why academics mostly prefer getting a Ph.D., but educators who crave administrative responsibilities always pursue an EdD for their careers. We need the real-world implementation of an educator’s expertise. That’s why we require more EdD degree-holders now.


Are our teachers well-educated?” Statistics indicate that a small percentage of teachers possess higher academic credentials. So, why should educators increase their educational qualifications now? Nelson Mandela calls education “the most powerful weapon” to change the world.

Earning a doctorate in education (EdD) can help you influence your country’s education system and assume leadership responsibilities. After finishing your EdD, you can also pursue several career pathways and devise strategies for tackling the matters facing students today. This degree is a must-have for those who want to change the world.