Tips to Score 90% Marks in 10th Board Exams

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The first board exams of your life are here. The pressure is insane. It doesn’t matter if you were an average student up until now. Nobody cares what you scored in your 9th standard. However, your 10th standard score will stay with you for the rest of your life. It is your chance to leave the “average” yourself behind and join the elites who score 90+ in their exams. To be honest, it isn’t easy but it will be worth it. When your 10th score will add merit and make you eligible for an MNC, you will appreciate all the hard work you did to reach that score. You are not alone. We will assist you in getting an awesome score on your class 10th boards. All you have to do is to read the article thoroughly and implement the below-mentioned tips in your routine. 

Here are the preparation tips for you:

Tip #1: Start Today

If you are going to wait for the last two months to start preparation, you will end up with an average score again. A fruitful preparation takes time. Therefore, start today. No matter if it’s the beginning of the session, mid-term, or weekly term, start right now. 

It will give you enough time to prepare every subject thoroughly. You will also have enough time for revision, which plays a major role in getting the perfect score. 

The best way to do it without burdening yourself is to take every internal exam seriously. Prepare for every weekly test or mid-term exam and by the time you will reach the end of the session, you will be done with almost 70% of the syllabus. 

Tip #2: Design a Study Plan

Most of the students skip this step thinking that they don’t need a study plan. The truth is that everyone needs a study plan. Irrespective of age, profession, or level, an organized plan will benefit everyone. 

Take some time out of your daily routine and prepare a study plan according to your curriculum. Break down your syllabus into small portions. Set weekly and monthly targets and try to complete them on time. If you keep missing your weekly targets, it will eventually affect your monthly target. Therefore, be honest with yourself and prepare.

Keep switching between subjects as studying the same subject for hours will make you feel bored and you will lose focus. Prioritize every subject equally. 

Tip #3: Stick to Curriculum

It is a good thing that you want to have a deep understanding of the topic but time is of the essence. You have limited time at your hands and if you utilize it in learning the extra stuff that isn’t going to be in your exams, it can be fatal. For every minute you expend on the extra knowledge, you are snatching a minute out of your exam preparation. 

It is time to stick to the curriculum. Focus on your NCERT textbooks and NCERT important questions. Board exams follow the NCERT textbooks strictly. These books are thin, easy, and affordable but looks can be deceiving. NCERT books have all the content that you need to excel in your exams. 

Prepare a topic-wise study plan to add all the topics without missing any. 

Tip #4: Beware of Distractions

In a student’s life, there are a lot of distracting factors. The perfect score needs some sacrifice at your end. You need to keep your distractions at bay. You will pick up your mobile for a minute and waste an hour. That’s why it is advised to use a watch instead of a mobile phone. 

If you are addicted to your distractions, try to minimize the usage. If you lock them away completely, your mind will keep lurking in their direction. Therefore, limit their usage and get back to your books on time. 

These distractions can cost you a lot of marks in your final exams. You can actively use social media after exams but there will be no re-exam. You have this one chance, don’t blow it. 

Tips #5: Avoid Selective Preparation

There might be some subjects that you are good at. Consequently, you ignore them throughout the session thinking that you can prepare for them in the last few days. Well, you might make it through but you won’t be able to get the perfect score. And that particular subject will drag down your overall percentage. 

You don’t want your favourite subject to be your weakness, right? 

Therefore, prepare every subject. You can give more time to hard subjects and less time to the easier ones. However, leaving them completely is not the right thing to do. 

English is one of the most ignored subjects among CBSE students. It is easy and scoring. Therefore, aim for higher marks and it will uplift your overall score. 

Tip #6: Sample Papers

You will find this tip on every website for every exam. After the revision, always go for sample papers or previous year question papers. Use a clock to make it more practical. 

The score of your sample paper will determine where you stand in terms of preparation. Since it’s not a board exam, you can work on your weak points. Analyze your mistakes and pin down the topics that need more work. If you are not able to finish your sample paper on time, work on your speed. 

Sample papers can save you from making these mistakes in your examination room. 

Tips for the Night Before the Exam

The night before your exam plays a significant role in your examination the next day. Instead of starting a new topic, revise all the prepared topics. There is no point in studying all night as it will affect your performance. Therefore, you should have a sound sleep. Wake up with a fresh mind and be confident. 

Your brain will work more efficiently after a sound sleep. 

Scoring 90% marks is not a piece of cake. You have to switch things up. Change your routine, change your mindset, and go for it. If you are left wondering how hard it is, you will end up making it harder. Every topper was an average student once, it’s their hard work that manifested a winning mindset in their head. Keep working for your goals and success will follow.