9 Reasons To Make Your Own Soap!

Make Your Own Soap

Making your own soap at home can be a fun, rewarding, and economical experience. Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are creating something useful with your own hands, but there are many other benefits as well.  From saving money to having control over the ingredients used in your soap, here are 9 reasons why making your own soap is worth considering.

9 Reasons To Make Your Own Soap

Here are some of the reasons you should start making your own soapbar:

1. Cost Savings

Making your own soap can be a great way to save money. According to DIY Craft Corner, soap making cost is as little as $ .75 a bar. Depending on the ingredients you choose to use and the prices of those ingredients, you could end up with a much more cost-effective product than store-bought soaps.

2. Customization

You can make your own soaps with the ingredients and scents you like best. If you don’t like the smell of a certain store-bought soap, or if you want to make a soap with specific ingredients for skin types, making your own allows you to create something tailored to fit your needs.

3. Natural Ingredients

Make sure that you are using all-natural ingredients when making your own soaps. This will ensure that you are avoiding harsh chemicals and other synthetic ingredients that can be damaging to your skin. Natural ingredients like essential oils, herbs, and other plant-based oils are great for creating custom soaps with natural benefits.

4. Avoid Chemicals

With store-bought soaps, there is no telling what kind of chemicals they contain, but when making your own soap you know exactly what is going into it. This way you can avoid using harsh chemicals and instead use natural ingredients that are beneficial for your skin.

5. Carbon Footprint

Making your own soap reduces your carbon footprint and helps the environment.  No need for excessive packaging, more energy wasted in shipping, or extra production costs. Instead, you are using ingredients that you likely already have in your home and reducing your impact on the environment.

6. Vegan Recipes

When you make your own soap you can add whatever ingredients you want. That means you can make sure that you are using a vegan and animal cruelty-free product. You won’t be wondering where your soap was tested or what unethical things the manufacturer has done.

7. Fun Activity

Making soap can be a fun activity for the whole family to do together. There are plenty of easy recipes available online with simple instructions to follow. So, grab some supplies and get creative! The kids will love it and it is a great way to spend time together as a family and get them away from TikTok and YouTube.

8. Beginner Friendly

Making soap doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. There are plenty of beginner-friendly recipes and tutorials available online for those who are just starting out. So, don’t worry if you haven’t made your own soap before – you’ll still be able to make some great soaps.

You can get melt-and-pour soap as well as soap-making kits that come with all of the instructions and all of the tools you will need to make the soapbar. You can find these kits from big-box retailers, hobby stores, soap-making and candle supply stores as well as online retailers like Amazon.

9. Gift Giving

Homemade soaps make wonderful gifts for friends and family members! With your own custom soaps, you can tailor them to each person’s individual tastes and preferences. Who wouldn’t love getting a unique handmade gift?

You can include the colors and fragrances that you already know your friends and family enjoy. You can even add personal touches like molds, special decorations, and ribbon.


Making your own bar gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are creating something useful with your own hands and there are many benefits to be gained. From cost savings to having control over the ingredients used in your soap, making your own is a great way to save money and tailor your soaps to fit each person’s individual tastes and preferences. So why not give it a try? You can learn all about making your own soap at DIY Craft Corner.

Have fun and get creative! 

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