Get to Know Rhonda Britten’s Fearless Living Institute

fearless living

Do you dream of a life filled with meaningful connections and loving, nourishing relations? You need to take hold of the Fearless Living Institute program by Rhonda Britten. 

A big name in the world of coaching, the Fearless Living program provides you with the tools to move beyond your comfort zone. It can also give you the skills to make friends and even lovers. 

Truly life-changing, it can help unlock your confidence and a world of unlimited possibilities. 

Your journey to fearless living starts here. 

What is the Acclaimed Method Called Fearless Living?

Rhonda Britten has helped many to let go of indecision and gain clarity. As a life coach, she has assisted many people in moving beyond that insidious, universal barrier that is fear. 

But this was not enough for her. She wanted to offer support and the encouragement that each person deserves. After all, she understands that everybody has his share of ups and downs. 

At age 14, she became an unwilling witness of her parents’ murder-suicide case. 

From here, she went into a 20-year spiral of addiction and blame. She tried to overcome the hidden fears, but nothing worked for her. She signed for almost everything—therapy, self-help books, the whole she-bang.

Sadly, nothing worked. 

After her third suicide attempt, Rhonda realized that she need to take life-changing risks. 

What is Fearless Living? 

It’s all about shutting down false beliefs and negative thoughts. When you learn to break down barriers, the result is unstoppable confidence. 

Rhonda’s technique is so effective that it led to the development of Life Doctor (then renamed to Help Me Rhonda), the first show of its kind. 

She also starred in “Starting Over,” which became a Daytime Emmy Award winner. 

The coach also authored four bestselling books. 

  • Fearless Living, her groundbreaking work, is a book that aims to help people embrace freedom. Now on its 10th-anniversary edition, this copy also comes with a study guide. 
  • Change Your Life in 30 Days is a book that outlines how you can live your life fearlessly. 
  • Fearless Loving, on the other hand, is made for people to give love and allow some in. It’s not only for single people but for married or divorced individuals as well. 
  • Do I Look Fat in This? is a book specially made for women who want to build self-esteem, embark on a healthy lifestyle, and commit to change. 

With four books under the author’s belt, everything just went upwards for Fearless Living. Oprah Winfrey even featured Rhonda as a guest several times on her show.

The coach, however, felt that it was still not enough. Driven by her desire to help more people, she founded the Fearless Living Institute in 2019. 

What the Fearless Living Institute Can Offer

The passionate, experienced wisdom conveyed in Fearless Living is what revolutionized every facet of the coaching industry. 

Today, the institute offers various insightful programs.

Fearless Living Foundation Workshop

Want to achieve everything you ever dreamed possible? The Fearless Living Foundation Workshop, a three-day workshop, can do this for you. This short course aims to address fear-based issues that block your path. 

This program is all about:

  • Discovering your wheel of fear

What makes you cower? What stops you from taking a risk? In this chapter, you’ll learn about the things holding you back.

  • Unveiling your wheel of freedom 

This essentially ties in with your wheel of fear. In this chapter, you’ll master handling any situation with confidence. 

  • Demystifying fear junkies and fear bunkers 

It’s hard to escape the memories of the past. But in this chapter, you’ll learn that you can! Plus, it can help you fill your life with people that support you every step of the way.

10-Week Training Program 

Rhonda and Fearless Living also offer a more extended training program. In as little over ten months, you can learn how to: 

  • Say no to fear, your number one enemy
  • Stay empowered
  • Live with gratitude
  • Find self-acceptance 
  • Take bigger risks
  • Say yes to your dreams
  • Heal from the past 
  • Create empowering boundaries 
  • Fill your life with support systems
  • Conquer the world through a fearless mindset 

For those who prefer other modes of learning, Fearless Living Institute download materials are readily available. Clients can choose from any of the following: 

  • The course transcript 
  • Fearbuster Exercise worksheets 
  • Fearless Living audiobook 
  • E-books such as ‘Wheel of Fear Trigger Secrets’ and ‘Wheel of Freedom Secrets’
  • ‘Stretch, Risk, or Die’ bonus course 
  • Other exclusive content such as ‘How to Forgive the Unforgivable,’ ‘How to Pick Your Friends,’ and ‘Essential Boundaries Checklist’

If you want to know your purpose and take life-changing risks, then the Institute is the best choice for you. With this, you can gain clarity of purpose and change various facets of your existence.