This Is How to Pack Fragile Items for a Move

Fragile Items

About 40 million Americans move every single year. Although everyone moves for different reasons, one thing remains the same: It is crucial to know how to pack fragile items. 

If you don’t know, then you may end up selling a home, moving to your new one, and realizing that some of your favorite items are broken. 

Luckily, we have moving tips for you! Keep reading this article to learn how to pack fragile items during a household move. You won’t have to worry about things breaking in the move ever again!

Use Smaller Boxes

If you have fragile items that you want to move, it is best to pack these in smaller boxes. The reason for this is that when you pack in larger boxes, you are putting in more items.

With a small box, you have fewer items in it that could put the fragile items at risk of breaking.

Be sure that when you pack them in smaller boxes you do not overstuff them as well!

Use Sturdy Boxes

You never want to use flimsy boxes when it comes to packing fragile items! The thicker and the sturdier the box is, the better it is going to be for moving your fragile items!

If you notice that a box isn’t sturdy, this is not going to cut it for your household move!

This full service moving company knows exactly what needs to be done to keep your items safe in the right boxes!

Use Extra Tape

When you are packing fragile items, you want to do everything you can when planning the move to ensure that you do not risk breaking them!

To plan for this, you will want to use extra tape. Although this is most important for the bottom of the box, this is just as important everywhere. The more tape you use, the less risk there is of the box opening and dumping your contents everywhere!

Pack Heavier Items on the Bottom 

When you are packing heavy items, these should always go on the bottom. The lighter items should go on top of those. This typically goes for anything you are packing but is especially true for the more fragile items in the move.

Consider Using Dividers

If you are packing glasses and stemware during your residential move, you will want to use dividers. These will keep the glasses in place and keep them from bumping into one another. This will reduce the risk of them breaking during the move. 

How to Pack Fragile Items During a Move

It is very important that you know how to pack fragile items during a move. If you don’t know how, you may get to your new home and realize that many items broke during the move from the old house to your new house…and no one wants that.

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