A Guide For Young Professionals Moving To Charleston

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Choosing a new place to live once you’ve graduated can feel like an overwhelming decision. Do you move to one of the larger cities in the country and risk being heavily impacted by the excessive cost of living and the unforgivingly busy and bustling streets? Do you move somewhere more rural and quieter which is more relaxing and cheaper to live, but has the drawbacks of a poorer economy and fewer job prospects? Or do you instead try to find somewhere with a good balance between these two options? The answer should be an obvious one, and therefore we are recommending the wonderful city of Charleston, South Carolina.

Commuting And Public Transport

As a young professional, you’re likely going to be using transport links around the city, and the surrounding area. The bus links throughout the city, run by the Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority or CARTA, are going to be your first port of call. There are a number of different routes including express services for those in a rush, and this allows professionals from all across the city and outlying areas to get around the city with ease. Traffic is relatively good for a city this size too, with most commutes in Charleston taking less time than the national average. As well as this, there is easy access to both the Charleston International Airport and the Charleston Station for those living in the north of the city. Although, links to these transport hubs are abundant wherever you are. 

Cycling And Healthy Living

Like many cities, Charleston is quickly becoming much friendlier towards cyclists throughout the city. If you’re looking for a healthier way to commute without spending upwards of an hour walking across the city, then cycling might be the best choice for you. Not only is the city becoming more bike-focused, but there are countless mountain bike trails throughout the state itself, providing locals and tourists alike with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the gorgeous sights of South Carolina’s wilderness. With plenty of places to get outdoors and experience nature, there is also ample opportunity to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle

Affordable Neighbourhoods

The many areas within Charleston all have their own feeling and vibes. As a young professional, whether you’re fresh from graduation or have settled into your industry already, you may want to turn your attention to some of the college neighborhoods like Harleston Village and James Island. These areas are packed with amenities and things to do, keeping you well entertained and satisfied. They are also relatively affordable too, making them the perfect place for someone in an entry-level position or a junior role. Finding a home can be a stressful process, however, so finding expert real estate agents to help such as those at EZ Home Search can make things a whole lot easier. The best thing you can do is take your time as much as possible and make sure you find the right place for you. There are many options so be patient and seek as much guidance as possible.

How Safe Is Charleston?

When moving to a new area, it’s imperative to identify any high-risk areas so that you can do your best to avoid them. Every city has places that are more dangerous than others, and generally speaking, the further out you move from a city center, the safer you are. Charleston isn’t much different here, but the chances of finding a city that is perfectly safe are near-impossible. Luckily, Charleston is actually much safer than many other cities in the country but just remember to do your own analysis and speak to current residents to find out where is best to avoid. Don’t forget to always keep your wits about you, especially in a new area, as criminals are good at spotting people that are unaware and don’t know about the area. 

Historic And Cultural Days Out

Charleston is incredibly rich in culture and historical landmarks. This city was named after King Charles II and was originally known as Charles Town. There are plenty of fantastic places for you to visit to learn about the founding of this place, including the South Carolina Historical Society Museum, the beautiful Middleton Place, and also the myriad of forts and plantations from a bygone era. Understanding the history of your new home is a great way to feel more grounded and have a sense of belonging. 

Charleston Nightlife

This city is also home to some great nightlife, in both the student areas and across the rest of the city. Food and drink venues are in abundance around the city and being coastal means that fresh seafood is a popular choice. Alongside this, there are some wonderful bars and nightclubs available for locals to unwind and have a fun and exciting evening. As well as this, there is a multitude of live music venues and other independent spaces for those looking for some great evening entertainment to enjoy with friends.