Top-selling Winchester gun safe In the Market



Gun owners or any user need to know about the storage of gun safe product like Winchester, it’s available in the market with two various sizes one for 26 long guns and 48 long guns. Winchesters gun safe made by using thick steel body with good fire security and theft safe, its good choices for those peoples looking for a secure solution to their gun and various valuable things.

All type of Winchester gun safe available in the market that’s provides a different type of security and safety ways for our gun safe, such as biometric scanner and standard combination locks system. Here are some best winchester gun safes in the market: –

Winchester ranger deluxe 45-7-E

These safes come with various features like fire protection, three layers of fireboard security, protection against a robber, etc. 

It provides the electronic lock system and various external dimensions are 72″ H X 40″ W X 30″ D and 60″ H X 36″ W X 18″ D internal dimensions, it’s available only in black color. 


  • 51 long gun
  • 1 hour at 1400 degrees 
  • Full fire protection 
  • UL listed lock standard 


  • Only available in black color
  • Expensive


In Winchester ranger deluxe 45-7-E if you easily store 8 or 10 short guns, 5 to 15 riles and 20 handguns with 100 % of fire protection, multiple levels of protection that’s why it’s hard to break. 

Winchester ranger Deluxe 14 2017 model

Sometimes if you have required limited space but capacity is still your concern along with compatibility that time Winchester ranger Deluxe 14 2017 model is the best choice for you. 


  • Near about 18 gun capacities 
  • 45 minutes of fire protection at 1400 degree 
  • Steel body construction 
  • It’s good for beginners
  • Lifetime warranty  


  • Sometimes not work properly 
  • Small hole and electrical cord 


 This safe model provides full security against robbers and fires it’s come with four-way locking technology and an electronic locking system.

Winchester ranger 26

Winchester ranger 26 is a very attractive gun safe that holds up to 28 long gun +4 included handgun pockets with 55″H X 27″W X  25″ D interior dimensions.

It also provides you 1 hour’s strong protection ability at 1400 degrees over the fire resistance, this safe come with 2 lock system one is an electrical keypad and mechanical dial.


  • Door panel organizer 
  • Steel construction 
  • Pry- resistance design 
  • Fire resistance up to 1 hour at 1400 F


  • Capacity problem 
  • Heavyweight
  • It’s doesn’t work properly in a critical or emergency situation 


Winchester ranger 26 comes with a door panel organizer that allows or enables efficient storage, its pockets for 6 handguns and also its interior is user-friendly. 

Winchester ranger deluxe 19-7-E

Is a one of the big size and more secure, attractive gun safe with large capacity its store near about 24 guns, with 60 heights X 28 Widths X 23 depth exterior dimensions, 

56 H X 25 W X 14 D interior dimensions, inside the safe you can easily store guns as well as any valuable items. 


  • Gives you large space for your Gun
  • User-friendly lock system
  • It’s hard to break, more secure 


  • Store small gun up to fit 24 rifles 
  • Moderate price 


Winchester ranger Deluxe 19-7-E capacity to store 24 guns and it is developed carefully because it is internal, as well as external material, is best for place your weapons secure or away from weather, fire, and robbers.

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