5 AI Article Spinners to Write Plagiarism-Free Assignments in 2023

AI Article Spinners

Students often find themselves in a constant battle against the clock and their creative capacities when it comes to writing plagiarism-free assignments.

Academic writing can be a challenge. Plagiarism is a big concern. The challenges range from lack of time, and understanding complex academic language, to struggling to articulate their ideas in a unique manner.

Now that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is simplifying every task, students are not left behind in reaping its benefits. AI-powered rewriting tools, also known as AI article spinners, have become invaluable tools for students. They help them in writing plagiarism-free assignments effortlessly.

This article delves into the top five AI Article Spinners who are leading the way in creating plagiarism-free assignments in 2023.

Five AI Tools: Your Solution for Plagiarism-free Assignments

Academic writing can be a challenge. Plagiarism is a big concern.

But fret not! With the help of AI, writing original assignments is now within everyone’s reach.

Here are five AI tools designed to make your writing process smoother, ensuring plagiarism-free work. Simple to use and efficient, these tools are your solution for stress-free academic success.


Aiarticlespinner.co, also known as a ‘word changer’, is an innovative tool designed to rewrite articles. It mimics the degree of sophistication and authenticity akin to human-written text.

This AI-powered tool changes the order of words and sentences to produce entirely new content derived from various original text sources.

The platform has been developed with the goals of maintaining high-quality content, ensuring human readability, and providing SEO-friendly output.

It supports more than 40 languages and offers impressive features. Such as, you get the 100% plagiarism-free content by using five unique spinning modes.

The tool also has the ability to find the best synonyms for richer content and makes sure 100% accuracy in spinning content.

Aiarticlespinner.co also offers a convenient one-click download option that enables users to retrieve their restructured content in Word and PDF formats seamlessly.


  • Six unique spinning modes for various content needs.
  • Multilingual support for global content creation.
  • Integrated plagiarism checker for content originality.
  • SEO-friendly tool, ensuring proper keyword optimization.
  • Synonym Feature for varied and nuanced content.
  • This tool is ideal for individuals and businesses seeking high-quality, SEO-friendly, unique content in various languages.


Here’s the pricing table for Aiarticlespinner.co:

PlanCostParaphrasing ModesOther Features
Free PlanFree2 modes availableLimited access to features
Premium Plan$10/monthComplete accessUnlimited paraphrasing, full access to features

AiArticlespinner.co: How Does it Help Students?

It is specifically developed to create human-readable, SEO-friendly content. This tool supports over 40 languages and provides alternative synonyms for text enhancement.

This makes it a popular rephraser among students from across the globe.

Its ability to spin content with 100% accuracy ensures students can produce quality, plagiarism-free assignments.


Paraphrasingtool.ai, an AI-driven rephrasing tool, stands at the forefront of content rewriting and text generation with versatile features.

The tool has eight unique paraphrasing modes – ‘Free Rewriter’, ‘Text Improver’, ‘Near Human’, ‘Plagiarism Remover’, ‘Creative’, ‘Academic’, ‘Quill Text’, and ‘Sentence Rephraser’.

It also boasts a built-in plagiarism checker and a text summarizer, enhancing content uniqueness and effectiveness.

Furthermore, there is a web browser, synonym-changing feature, and sentence rephrasing option. All of this makes paraphrasintool.ai an even more powerful tool for the academic fraternity.

With Paraphrasingtool.ai, rewriting and enhancing text has never been easier.


  • Eight paraphrasing modes for varied content needs.
  • Tone customizations to match audience and context.
  • Inbuilt plagiarism checker to ensure content originality.
  • Text summarizer for summarising long research articles.
  • AI Editor and Sentence Rephraser for polishing and editing assignments and enhancing readability.


Here is how much this tool costs:

Monthly$7Full access to all features and unlimited paraphrasing
Yearly$5/month (billed yearly)Full access to all features and unlimited paraphrasing, Savings when billed yearly

Paraphrasingtool.ai: How Does it Help Students in Writing Assignments?

This article spinner comes with eight paraphrasing modes suitable for various academic writing contexts.

With features like a plagiarism checker and a summarizer, it aids students in ensuring originality and brevity in their assignments.


Rytr.me, a robust AI writing tool, has carved out a significant place for itself amongst various user segments.

From students refining their essays to SEO professionals repurposing blog posts, its features serve a multitude of writing needs.

Rytr.me has become an integral part of the text rewriting and generation process among students. It provides paraphrasing tools, AI-driven content research, content briefs, full article generation, and free-form writing.

Rytr.me’s affordability and ease of use further contribute to its appeal. The platform’s simplicity is also worth mentioning, as everything is conveniently located with templates accessible from a sidebar.

With more than 40 templates, a variety of tones, and several paraphrasing operations like expand, shorten, reword, and more, Rytr.me has become a reliable companion for many content creators.


  • Simple content type and topic inputs for quick and personalized content.
  • Wide range of content generation, from ad copies to emails to creative content.
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive interface.
  • Autocorrect, grammar check, sentence formatting, and tone checker for polished content.
  • Rytr.me is suitable for students, bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs seeking fast, cost-effective content generation.
  • It offers a demo version along with a premium version for professional use.


An affordable pricing plan is one of the best things about this tool:

PlanCostCharacters LimitFeatures
Free PlanFree10k characters per monthLimited access to features
Saver Plan$9/month100k characters per monthIncludes most features
Unlimited Plan$29/monthUnlimited charactersFull access to all features and unlimited characters

Rytr.me: How Does it Help Students in Writing Assignments?

Affordable and easy to use, Rytr offers a multitude of templates to help students shape their essays or projects.

The AI-driven tool assists in refining, repurposing, and expanding content. These features make it an excellent choice for students needing to enhance their writing.


Copymatic is an affordable AI-driven copywriter designed to generate various types of digital content, including ads, website copy, blog content, and more, in a matter of seconds.

It boasts a potent AI Rewriter wizard that enables users to create entirely unique articles, offering side-by-side comparisons and paragraph-level rewriting.

Side-by-side comparison helps students to compare the original text to their assignments.

If the output doesn’t meet user expectations, the tool provides an option to rerun the rewriting process on the specified section.

Copymatic is a superb tool for article spinner, enhancing the quality of text, and avoiding plagiarism. As a result, making it an indispensable tool for students, content creators, and marketers alike.


  • Over 50 content templates and multi-language support.
  • Integration with WordPress, Google Ads, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Comprehensive editing tools including expanding and summarizing text.
  • Inbuilt Plagiarism Checker for unique content.
  • The tone of Voice feature matches the preferred writing style.
  • This tool is ideal for students, bloggers, and businesses seeking versatile content solutions with seamless integration.


The cost of Copymatic.ai is given below:

Pro$29/monthStandard features, AI Rewriter
Team$49/monthCollaborative features
Enterprise$99/monthEnhanced features for large teams

Copymatic.ai: How Does it Help Students in Writing Assignments?

A powerful AI Rewriter, CopyMatic allows students to create unique articles with side-by-side comparisons.

It’s particularly beneficial for students who need to repurpose large amounts of information into original, academic-friendly content.


WordAi is a sophisticated subscription-based paraphrasing tool. It leverages the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to provide nuanced rephrasing of text.

It operates in distinct phases, first understanding the input text by analyzing its grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.

Then using its ML training to discern patterns and relationships between words to generate new, contextually accurate variations of the original text.

Finally, it presents the rephrased output, offering a seamless and intelligent rewording solution for any textual content.


  • Complete Sentence Restructuring for accurate and relevant content.
  • Bulk Rewrite for handling large volumes of content.
  • Split Sentences for improved readability.
  • Spintax for generating multiple unique contents from a single source.
  • Content generation that passes AI detection.
  • WordAI is best for students, SEO specialists, bloggers, and marketers seeking bulk rewriting and human-like content.


Wordai’s cost is given below:

Monthly$57/monthPremium paraphrasing features
Yearly$27/month (billed yearly)Premium paraphrasing features

Wordai.com: How Does it Help Students in Writing Assignments?

Utilizing NLP and Machine Learning, WordAI comprehends and rewrites text without altering the context.

This tool is especially useful for students looking to rephrase complex academic texts while maintaining their original meaning.


The growing need for unique content in the academic and professional worlds has propelled the development of advanced tools to meet this demand.

AI article spinners are at the forefront of this evolution, offering incredible assistance in creating plagiarism-free assignments.

These top five AI tools for 2023 are making assignment writing tasks easier and more efficient than ever before by understanding the nuances of language and intelligently rephrasing them.

Their ongoing improvements and new features promise an exciting future for both students and professionals alike in their content creation endeavors.