6 Smartphones with Best Audio Features

Samsung Galaxy S9

It is widely understood how smartphones are no longer used for just communication any longer but more like handheld visual and audio entertainment devices. One of the keys uses out of smartphones is now a music library that helps individuals to go about their days and also be able to listen to any song on the go. There are applications like Spotify, Sound cloud and YouTube which revolve around the sole purpose of being able to provide music to smartphone users at any time and anywhere. This leads to the necessity of having a good audio system which allows the linter to not only enjoy music but experience it. Since communication is no longer the only purpose of smartphones, a manufacturer needs to make sure that all features of a smartphone need to be of top quality for it to be able to compete effectively within the market, Audio features being one of the key specifications as they are used in almost all functions of a smartphone: calling, voice quality, recording, listening to music, entertainment and so forth. Hence, this article will be rounding off the top 6 Smartphones available within the market right now which have the best Audio Features.

LG V30

When we think about smartphone LG is another company which has long existed within the market and is now becoming recognized for their strong-featured phones. It has been considered one of the top Android phone options for avid music listeners and already own or are fond of audio paraphernalia. LG V30 also supports a headphone jack and comes with 32-bit ESS Sabre ES9218P DAC which allows digital audio files to turn into a signal which is then picked up by the smartphone and plays it. 

Some benefits of this include reduction of distortion and an augmented dynamic range and it is provided that LGV30 may be better at supporting headphones which demand more power or battery when used with a smartphone.

iPhone X

Off course when it comes to smartphones, there is no way the iPhone can be ignored or not included. iPhone X specifically had improved speakers and Apple has hardly focused upon their speakers in the past. Hence, now iPhone X officially is so far best when it comes to speakers and audio quality as opposed to previous models and variants. Not only is it quite loud but it has balanced dual drivers. One speaker exists at the bottom of the phone and the other speaker is on the earpiece which allows sound to disperse if the phone is held facing the user.

Since we are already aware that the iPhone does not have a headphone jack, this means that the DAC is basically within the ear pods or the wireless headphones themselves.

HTC U11 Plus

HTC includes Boom sound speakers which help HTC phones to make good ones for audio entertainment. The speakers themselves use a treble driver earpiece and a main one at the other end. Despite the output not even being a 100% the audio still sounds great and the phone uses the skeleton of its body to use as a cavity to produce a more echoed sound hence, making it even louder. Even though this phone is without a headphone jack it still has a great adapter cable which includes a high-quality DAC. The wireless headphone also contains aptX HD which help to reduce the loss of quality if a user is streaming wirelessly.

Sony Xperia XZ2

Sony is known as the first manufacturers to give importance to sound quality and further provide stereo speakers in their phone. The speakers on the front of the phone are of good quality and compared to XZ1 the sound has improved overall.

With no headphone jack once again this smartphone provides a dynamic vibration feature which helps to power the vibrate motor in accordance with the music. Furthermore, it includes an LDAC, a high-resolution wireless standard identifies in SONY’s Bluetooth headphones.

New Nokia 3310 (2017)

Nokia you ask? Yes, that’s correct! The iconic Nokia lives up to its reputation and provides 1200mAh battery which allows it to play music back to back for 51 hours. Off course no one expects to purchase a phone just for its audio capabilities but if you are looking for a spare phone to take with you on a long road trip then this might just be your best friend.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a traditional headphone jack and has powerful speakers. Since the dawn of companies extracting their headphones jacks out of the smartphone, Samsung held their ground in order to prevent the hassle of unattached headphones and also to allow users to be able to use any headphone of their choice and connect it to their phones. This allows users to use audio devices that may be more compatible with their preference. Samsung provides a 3.5mm jack and has collaborated with AKG to highly improve the quality of their sound.

Overall, audio features get left behind when it comes to looking at specifications when purchasing a smartphone however, it must not be forgotten that audio features are some of the most contributing factors of quality when it comes to smartphones. Without good audio, almost 50% of a smartphone’s utility goes down the drain.

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