iPhone Cracked Screen Repair Service

iPhone repair service

Have you broken your iPhone’s display, and don’t know how to get it repaired? Don’t worry! There are so many services available that can help you to mend your screens quickly.

Though a lot of businesses provide low-cost screen replacement services, you may end up violating your Warranty from Apple. Therefore, it is recommended to have a professional service for your damaged iPhone screens.

Let’s discuss some simple ways to get iPhone cracked repair services:

Get Apple to Repair Your Cracked Screen

Apple will come to your rescue and repair the cracked screen. However, it won’t do this free even if you are under Warranty.

Let’s discuss how to get your phone’s screen repaired if you are under or out of Warranty-

If Your iPhone is Under Warranty

The standard Warranty that comes along with an iPhone doesn’t cover accidental damages. This entails that a cracked screen isn’t something that Apple considers as a part of the Warranty.

Another crucial thing to note is that if you take your iPhone to anyone other than Apple-authorized tech, the entire Warranty automatically gets voided.

So, don’t consider low-cost repair shops, as you may lose your entire Warranty. However, if you go the extra mile, and pay for AppleCare, it includes cracked screen repairs up to two accidental damages.   

If you need repair, first check if your phone is still under Warranty. If it is, you can get support from the company or any authorized Apple reseller.

An advantage of having Apple fix iPhones is that they can replace the screens without sending your phone out of service. Moreover, you’ll be back to using your phone in no time.

If Your iPhone is Out of Warranty

If you don’t have any warranty or insurance coverage for your phone, still many options to get it repaired.

You can go to reputed shops that are experienced with iPhone repairs. They can even violate a warranty that is no longer in effect.

However, an unskilled or inexperienced repair person can damage the interior electronic parts of your phone. So, you need to be careful while using a third-party repair company.

Here are some other options to get your iPhone cracked screen repaired-

You Can Go to High-Street iPhone Retailers

The high street is a one-stop-shop for all your needs, including iPhone and iPad screen repairs. Some of the well-named retailers are:


iSmash is known for its quick, accessible, and cheap iPhone repair services. But, you should be aware that using this service may void your Apple warranty.


Nowadays, there is a growing demand for local repair services that can repair all models of iPhone and iPad. If you are looking for a cheaper service than Apple, Timpsons is another option.

Besides, there are many online services available to get your phone repaired. Research a bit, and send your device to a reliable repair center to get the best value for money.

How To Fix iPhone Screen If You Have iPhone Insurance

If you have purchased iPhone insurance through the phone company or on your own, make sure to check for the policies around screen repairs.

Depending upon the policy, you may have to repair fees. However, it costs you much less than replacing the iPhone.

Before using the iPhone insurance, have a thorough knowledge of all the facts and fees. The reason is, many people complain about their bad experiences while using insurance for all sorts of repairs.

How to Fix An iPhone If You Are Eligible for an Upgrade

After using an iPhone for more than two years, you may want to switch to a new phone company. Or, you may be interested in picking up the next generation iPhone. A cracked screen might be another motivator for the upgrade.

You can check your eligibility criterion, and sign up for the upgrade program.

If you consider an upgrade, check for the businesses that buy used iPhones. They even buy the phones with broken screens that can turn your old iPhone into a new one.

How to Prevent Screen Damages?

Though there are no foolproof strategies for preventing phone damages, there are some simple tips to reduce the likelihood of cracked screens.

·        Protective Cases

Even if the cases don’t have screen protectors, they still reduce the possibility of damaging the screen. So, it is a good option to provide some safety to the iPhone.

·        Screen Protectors

These are thin, plastic overlays that protect the screens from scratches, dings, and cracks. Though cases are a more comprehensive solution, screen protectors are also good add-ons.

·        AppleCare

The best thing to prevent future damages is to consider buying AppleCare for your next phone. Though it adds a bit to the overall cost, it is worth to get iPhone cracked repair services from trained experts.


Perhaps, smashing the iPhone or iPad screen is a common, unavoidable thing. Therefore, it is recommended to have phone insurance so that you can get a reliable iPhone repair service when needed. We hope these tips would help you to mend your iPhone displays in a better way.