Gaming Tips: How to Win Among Us

Gaming Tips

Among Us is one of the most popular games of the past few years, with over 165 million monthly users logging in and attempting to win. You can’t start online gaming without encountering someone who loves playing Among Us, but learning how to play and earn more wins is a challenge. You’re up against other savvy players, and the wrong strategy will get you killed or discovered.

Finding the best gaming tips online is one of the most effective ways to start gaming for beginners and enjoy early success. That said, there are specific things you should do when online gaming with friends on Among Us to earn more wins.

Luckily for your gaming reputation, you’ve discovered this helpful guide with the best tips for earning bragging rights over your friends. Continue reading to make the most of your favorite video games today!

Stick With a Group

One of the primary goals of Among Us is to remain the least suspicious as possible. Sticking with a group as an imposter allows you to avert suspicion and gain chances to eliminate other players. If you’re not the imposter, sticking with a group provides strength in numbers to improve your odds of survival.

The best imposters work together or multi-kills to prevent witnesses who will report your actions. Look for suspicious activity among crewmates to determine your safety and report suspects. Strength in numbers is your best chance at winning as a crewmate.

See Who Is Completing Tasks

Another critical aspect of winning at Among Us when playing video games is to see which crew members are actively completing tasks. You can identify an imposter by following them and determining if they’re taking steps to help the crew stabilize the ship. Blind trust in your teammates will set you up for loss and disappointment.

Crewmates that complete tasks will help the taskbar fill quicker. Monitoring other players’ tasks can help determine who is suspicious and who is genuine. Tasks also take time to complete, so check how long crewmates spend on tasks before moving on.

If someone swipes the admin card or destroys asteroids in an unrealistic amount of time, they’re likely an imposter. Monitoring these tasks arms you with a fighting chance of winning with your favorite Among Us Characters.

Monitor the Vents

Imposters have access to vents to get around the ship. Use your knowledge of the vents and locations of fresh kills to determine who the imposters are and win the game. Finding the freshly dead body of your teammate is a sign that an imposter is near, and the locations of the vents could provide clues.

Having evidence that a specific character is an imposter isn’t enough. Don’t have blind faith and trust in your teammates when playing popular games like Among Us. Bring evidence to the table to prove that a suspicious character is killing off the crew.

Use Common Tasks

There are several common tasks that multiple crew members must help with to complete everything and win the game. Common tasks are shared amongst the entire crew. If you spot a player completing a common task you don’t have, it’s a sure-fire clue that they’re an imposter, and you must vote them off the ship.

Visual Tasks Are Your Friend

Visual tasks are among the best evidence that you’re not the imposter when other crew members begin questioning you. Save these tasks; they’re a proven way to determine which players are genuine crew members and which are imposters. If you see a player performing a visual task, you can rest assured that they’re safe and on your side.

Visual tasks are also the best way to prove your innocence if other players suspect you’re an imposter. You can convince them to allow you to handle a visual task after an emergency meeting. It’s a trick up your sleeve that you must conserve if you aim to win the game.

Take Initiative

Taking the initiative is the most effective way to draw attention off you and onto other players, especially when playing as an imposter. The most crucial aspect is steering the in-game conversation in the best direction possible. Ask another player where they came from after a crew member discovers a body to paint the picture that you’re trying to solve the mystery.

The initiative is even more critical when another player spots you near a body. You’re bound to get accused of killing that crew member. Explain your situation before they blame you or take the initiative to accuse them and sway other crew members to join you.

Target Crowd Kills

Look for chances to take out players when there’s a large congregation to avert suspicion. Determining who caused the kill is nearly impossible when multiple players are in one spot. Use that if you’re playing as an imposter, and be wary of it when playing as a crew member.

This tip for online gaming is best used during the game’s early stages. Using this strategy is challenging when the number of active players dwindles. Sabotaging the reactor is an excellent way to get multiple players in the same spot.

Use the Cameras

The cameras are another significant resource you can use when looking for gaming tips for Among Us. You can spot an imposter as a crewmate when using the cameras, and many imposters forget about the presence of cameras when performing their nefarious deeds. Watch your back to avoid getting killed while monitoring other players’ activities.

Try These Gaming Tips Out Today

Playing video games with friends is an excellent and fun way to pass the time, and Among Us is one of the top options if you’re into online gaming. Using the cameras and completing common tasks are some of the best gaming tips to win at Among Us. Stick with a group of other players and see who is completing tasks to determine which players are suspicious.