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Energy Solutions

As sophisticated smart features continue to prove their value, the market for solar inverters is still moving quickly. Smart features and monitoring, compatibility with battery storage, support for E.V. charging, heat pumps, and other features are becoming increasingly important. And as homes, companies, and automobiles electrify, firms that don’t react swiftly fall behind as new producers expand the market to meet expanding requirements. New competition from new items delivers comprehensive overall solutions.

Generators and network managers have responded to peak demand by turning on or boosting the energy production of thermoelectric plants fueled by fossil fuels using technology that have been available for decades. In addition to emitting considerable amounts of greenhouse gases, these plants are complicated and expensive to build and operate during the hours when they are required to create vast amounts of electricity. They are gradually being phased out in favor of those that use renewables.

General use of electric cars

The general use of electric cars has significantly spurred technical advancements in manufacturing and worldwide supply systems over the last few years. Because of these advancements, lithium batteries are now accessible at competitive rates, allowing energy to be stored in renewable plants. Electrification plays a critical part in this innovation process, enabling power facilities to be transformed and supporting the process of gradually leaving fossil fuels.

With this in mind, Via Solar has committed to combining innovative and established technologies to provide the most efficient and user-friendly solutions. It has offered solar and alternative energy solutions for over a decade to households, businesses, and government organizations. Our expertise and reputation are well-known and well-respected. Serving many people and completing a wide range of tasks, Via Solar handles each job with the same care and attention to detail that it does for the most demanding customers. The company is led by Christopher Kenny, a securities broker, trader, investor, and alternative energy specialist.

Christopher Kenny – His life in a nutshell

Chris Kenny was born in Summit, New Jersey, on May 4, 1961. One of twelve kids, he was. He earned a B.A. in economics and finance from Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, North Carolina, in 1980. He also studied at New York University, where the Schack Institute awarded him a commercial real estate management degree. Moreover, he has been the head of Strategy and E-trading at Hartfield, Titus, and Donnelly since 2018. In 1985, Kenny began his career as a U.S. Treasury Bond Broker. He formerly worked at Bonds.com as the director of fixed-income sales and technological development. Kenny planned and built some off-grid hybrid power stations that he wanted to build and utilize on some of Preservation Earth’s humanitarian projects.

He deployed solar electricity on mobile platforms as backup power for emergency circumstances, water purification, and water pumping.

His educational background is in business and finance. Chris is passionate about developing and promoting renewable energy, primarily when it is utilized to help people in need. The ability to assist individuals in desperate need as a result of a human-caused environmental or natural disaster is not just a charitable deed but also a rare educational experience. He has worked in finance for over 38 years as a salesperson, broker, trader, and investor.

Lending the helping hand

Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Kenny and his sons built a power system that filtered water for a few communities suffering from severe cholera outbreaks. Following Katrina, they extended the same service to other parts of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the Navajo reservation in Tsaile, NM, and Southern NJ. They aided the Cajun Navy in Louisiana and Texas.

The Preservation Earth Project

Kenny established The Preservation Earth Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in 2012. It offers help, education, and alternative energy solutions to transition society to renewable energy. Following the 2010 earthquake, it was involved and supported in Haiti many times, giving portable solar power for water purification and medical facilities. The company developed a remedy for the Navajos’ poisoned water supply in 2020. They planned, manufactured, and installed a solar-powered water filtration system for the Navajo people of Tsaile, New Mexico, collaborating with engineers and local officials. Other efforts have included giving mobile solar power to the “Cajun Navy” for rescue and clean-up in Louisiana for towns ravaged by the 2015-2021 hurricane season.

Dependable and efficient energy solutions

One of the primary problems confronting the industrial industry is the need for dependable and efficient energy solutions that decrease operational costs, boost dependability, and support sustainability goals. Via Solar specializes in the integration of many mediums to achieve maximum redundancy, reliability, and efficiency.

The letters of appreciation from the president

President Jimmy Carter gave Chris two beautiful letters urging him to continue his philanthropic activities. He advised contacting Habitat for Humanity to ask if they wanted to partner on a few projects. Both he and Kenny volunteered for the charity.

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