Mobile Workforce Management Cloud for Utilities



Like every other industry, the utility industry has also come a long way ever since its inception. The growth in science and technology has helped this industry evolve and reach where it is today. To stay in line with the changing demands of this industry, it is essential to incorporate the latest technology systems and functionalities.

There is a growing need to automate various operational processes in the utility industry. The introduction of mobile workforce management cloud has made this possible. Mobile workforce management cloud for utilities enables work orders and offers real-time, end to an end enterprise solution.

This enables greater visibility of utilities and better performance of field resources. KloudGin’s Intelligent Utility Cloud has brought about a revolution in the industry. It has streamlined various processes of the utility industry leading to better functionality and happier customers.

KloudGin’ mobile workforce management cloud for utilities has especially been designed for water, gas, electric, refuse, municipalities, energy, and telecom. This single modern system has been designed for workflows.  It is built on a configurable cloud platform and is as user-friendly as it can get. Here is what it offers:

  • Modernization and optimization of operations
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Elimination of expensive and ongoing upgrade cycles
  • Increased safety and security of user data
  • Improved customer experience leading to greater customer satisfaction

Applications for Utilities built on Configurable Cloud First Platform

Utility industry involves intricate tasks and each of these needs to be handled cautiously so as to provide appropriate service to the clients. Various applications have been designed for the energy and utility industry. These include the following:

Intelligent Asset Cloud:

It helps in tracking, managing and optimizing the assets and resources. It automates and eases various functions including asset management, work order management, modern asset monitoring, fleet and facilities management, inventory management, service contracts management, asset analytics, procurement and sourcing, asset analytics and integration with third-party systems.

Intelligent Field Service Cloud:

It automates tasks such as work order and case management, mobile field crew work order execution, mobile truck inventory management, auto time clock, and shift management, auto-scheduling optimization and dispatch, artificial intelligence-based learning and recommendation engine, service contract management, and executive analytics.

Inventory Management Cloud:

It takes care of inventory management and costing, inventory planning, material adjustments, inventory analytics, and procurement and sourcing. It incorporates artificial intelligence-based learning and recommendation engine.

Intelligent Connected Customer Cloud:

This allows the utility industry to connect better with the customers as it enables quick reporting of outages or service requests via social channels. It ensures customer security by sharing digital credentials of the field crew. It digitalizes quotes, orders, and invoices. It is a good way to capture customer feedback.

Procurement Cloud:

It enables a smooth procure to pay process. It automates various procurement processes including supplier management, purchase planning, procurement management, procurement and sourcing analytics, modern collaboration and notifications and integration with financial and third party systems.

Engines and Adapters:

Intelligent engines and adaptors are used to pull data from various sources and manage all operations swiftly from a single point.

Intelligent Cloud Platform:

This platform allows cloud computing, a magical UI layer for all your business processes, intelligent offline native mobile for iOS and Android and configurable business workflows.

To top it all, KloudGin AI Assistant is there to help you at all times. 

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