Design a Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile Responsive Website

In the world of technology, 90% of people seem to browse websites on their mobile phones. The use of desktops for researching and browsing has become too low. So, if you are going to design a website then you should need to build a mobile responsive web design. In this article, we are going to tell you all about mobile responsive web design.

A mobile responsive website is designed according to mobile limitations. Make sure that your website cannot be overlooked. A mobile responsive web design increases your website traffic, improves SEO ranking, and grows up your business. 

Limitations of a mobile responsive web design

You should need to follow these few limitations that affect user’s experience;

Pixel perfection

Pixel perfection generates a perfect look on your website and makes it the same for all smart screens. If you do not design your website according to pixel perfection then the design surely presents a change on different screens that having change resolution. A responsive web design should be from 360 * 640 and onward. 

  • Make sure that your website is visible to all public. 
  • Easy to read.
  • Page size is according to the screen, you are holding.

Conversation Rate

Poor conversation rates can damage your website’s reputation. 70% of visitors left your website, if it is not user-friendly and respond slowly. Moreover, you should need to design a website according to visitor’s compatibility. If a visitor didn’t find what he is looking for and face a difficult and spend a useless time on your website then he’ll leave quickly and permanently. 

Big investment 

A responsive website demands a costly investment. If you want to design a responsive website, you need to pay both cost and time. Some researches prove that it is too affordable for building a responsive website instead of designing a dedicated mobile site. 

Significant Work

Designing a mobile responsive website takes too much time and endless effort. As much content and hard work you put an effective and impressive look. To maintain both desktop and mobile versions and saving time, you should reuse the code and speed up the processor instead of two-way coding. 

Technical Stumbling Blocks

A designer could face a lot of difficulties and challenging situations while designing a website. Sometimes, these challenges may help you in building the latest design. The content is the main starting point to focus on. Designers should need to write content that is effective for both mobile and desktop. 

Major factors in website designing

  • Proper use of CSS and HTML to control layout and content. 
  • Media quires and resolution factors. 
  • Fluid layouts to measure the area of the template.
  • Flexbox layout help in arranging content automatically.
  • Use light images.
  • Speed majorly depends on website ranking.

Why choose a mobile responsive website

Mobile responsive websites increase user experience and lead your business in an upward direction. Few benefits you will get while using a mobile responsive website.

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Improved user experience
  • Get rank on Search engine optimization 
  • Ease of management


The website depends on several factors and needs proper time and execution. A responsive web design might be perfect on all of these factors. If you are a web designer then try to build a unique website that is efficient for every size of the screen. Moreover, multiple Website Design Agencies in Pakistan are available around us, providing their efficient services. If you are in search of a perfect designing firm then go and visit WebMasters EYE. WebMasters EYE is standing with us for several years with great reviews and precious design. Also, provide in budget and timeline services. So, why are you standing here? Go and visit the website and make your living easier. 

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