All You Need To Know About TikTok Views

TikTok Views

In 2019, magician Zach King’s TikTok video of him riding a broomstick like a Hogwarts student amassed around 2 billion views. King’s video is the most-watched TikTok post to date. This fete makes one wonder what it takes to get such TikTok views. Video views are a vital measure of an account’s reach, engagement, and audience retention. If you are new to TikTok, this is what you need to know about views on its platform.

What Counts As a TikTok View

Each social media platform has its unique way of counting views on videos. Most platforms, like Instagram, count views based on the time users spend on a video. Once a video starts to play on your For You feed, TikTok’s algorithm counts that as a view. Users don’t have to follow you on TikTok to watch your videos.

TikTok also considers the number of times users rewatch a video. The platform favors videos that users watch to the end and replay. Each video replay counts as a view and strongly indicates an audience’s interest. Some TikTokers watch their videos since they think it increases their view count. Unfortunately, watching your videos doesn’t count as views. The great news is there are other ways to boost your account’s views.

Can You See Who Views Your TikTok Videos?

You can tell how many views your videos receive since TikTok attaches numbers view tags. Notably, it’s impossible to tell who watched your videos because TikTok’s policy keeps viewers anonymous.

Why TikTok Views Are Important

If you intend to make money on TikTok, your video views matter. According to TikTok, among other requirements, users must have at least 100,000 views to qualify for its Creator Fund. TikTokers who benefit from the fund earn two to four cents for every 1000 views.

If TikTok can’t admit you to its Creator Fund yet, don’t fret. Your views are still important and count as account impressions. TikTok uses these analytics to push your videos to a larger audience. Steadily, your account will grow to meet TikTok’s requirements; you’ll soon enjoy a stake in its $200 million Creator Fund. Don’t delete TikTok videos with low views since they can go viral a few months later and start trends.

How to Boost Your TikTok Views

Stop the scroll

TikTok designs its video format and algorithm to make people scroll away. It takes quality content to stop people from scrolling past your work to watch your videos. A great video hooks users within the first few seconds and keeps them interested enough to replay it. Videos that address pain points, educate, and entertain have this effect.

Make quality videos

TikTok’s For You page favors quality content. The page is the best way to gain more views since it exposes you to potential followers and speeds up growth on your TikTok account. High-quality videos entice an audience and keep them coming for more. Poorly- done content is inexcusable because creators have affordable videography and editing apps at their disposal.

Make shorter videos

Human beings naturally have a short attention span. Although TikTok recently introduced ten-minute long videos, its For You feed still favors 30-second videos since most TikTokers appreciate short videos. Pack all the content you create into 30 seconds wisely. Also, TikTok videos that have seamless loops get more views. Adding the same intro and outro to your videos achieves this effect.

Use the stitch feature creatively

TikTok’s stitch feature allows you to use bits of videos from other users to create content. Several viral trends started through a chain of stitched videos that enhanced video sharing and engagement.

Participate in TikTok challenges

Have you watched any TikTok challenges you like? Participate in a trending TikTok challenge and execute it properly because the platform shows such content to people with similar preferences. Users who share similar interests are more likely to engage with your content, stitch it, share it, and introduce you to new followers.

Keep your audience jamming

Trending sounds and music entice people and pique their interest. TikTok pushes videos that feature viral music to bigger audiences and boosts online traffic.


Video views are a crucial aspect of making money on TikTok. The platform has a unique algorithm that counts views as soon as a video plays on a feed. Several strategies like posting quality content can improve your TikTok views significantly.