Why You Should Take Care of Your Aircraft


Aircraft Maintenance Matters – and Skipping Out On It Could Spell Disaster

You might be able to defer maintenance on your house or even on your car to some extent, but deferring maintenance on an aircraft could be calamitous – even if it’s just for your wallet.

Taking care of your aircraft is absolutely critical, and many jet buyers new to the private aviation industry don’t realize just how much time and money goes into it each year.

Let’s take a look at why aircraft care is so important, and why you can’t afford to delay it.

You’ll Save Money Over Time by Maintaining Your Jet

The cost of regular inspections and maintenance are far less than what you’d spend on major repairs, which become necessary when issues go unnoticed. Regular maintenance generally helps to prevent the need for extensive repairs.

Subscribing to an aircraft maintenance tracker app or service can help you keep up with your aircraft’s manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule and log every task performed on your plane.

Your Resale Value Will Stay High

When you’re reading to upgrade to a newer or larger jet, you can sell your current plane to help recoup the original purchase cost. Like a vehicle, it does depreciate. However, you can slow depreciation through aircraft maintenance.

Keeping a maintenance log that tracks every instance of maintenance or repairs to your plane can also help your jet hold its value and depreciate more slowly. It’s not enough to simply perform the maintenance; you must also be able to show proof that it happened at all.

You’ll Increase Your Jet’s Performance

An underperforming jet – one that uses more fuel than usual, or that cannot reach or maintain top speeds or service ceilings – likely needs its mechanical and electrical systems checked and repaired.

A poorly-maintained jet simply cannot function at its best, which leads to operational failures and subpar performance. With proper maintenance, your jet’s performance will improve, and you may find that your trips go more smoothly and more quickly, and you’re spending less on fuel and other flexible costs associated with jet ownership.

Your Passengers and Crew Will be Safer

Failing to provide regular maintenance decreases the safety of everyone aboard the plane. Unchecked issues can lead to passenger or crew injuries or death.

Regular inspections and maintenance decrease the likelihood of major aircraft failure and prevent accidents. Failing to do so could put you, the jet owner and operator, at risk of major lawsuits.

Your Jet Will Remain Air-Worthy for Longer

The lifespan of a jet isn’t measured in years or miles on the engines, but rather in cycles. Even a jet with a high number of cycles is still air-worthy if it’s meticulously maintained and had parts refurbished properly or replaced.

A jet without maintenance loses its integrity. Parts begin to wear out more quickly, and the jet experiences problems that could have been prevented in the first place.

To ensure your aircraft remains in service for years to come, you’ll need to keep it enrolled in an ongoing maintenance plan and be proactive with its care. Otherwise, you could be looking at spending a few million much earlier than you had originally planned. And because it can take a year to complete the purchase of a jet, you may be literally grounded for a while.

Your Insurance Will Protect You

To legally operate your jet, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve taken out the right insurance policies for it, and that you’re maintaining those policies.

The type of insurance you need will depend on where and how you fly your jet, the size of your aircraft, and other factors. There are a few types of aviation insurance policies you may need to take out on your plane, including:

  • Liability insurance
  • Passenger liability insurance
  • In-flight insurance
  • Hull Insurance

Talk to an aircraft insurance professional to determine what kind you need to protect you and your jet. Having the right insurance policies is just as important as aircraft maintenance, so you aren’t financially liable for injuries, death, or damage – much like why you’d carry an auto insurance policy on your car.

Need Help Managing Aircraft Maintenance?

If you’re new to the world of private aviation, you might need assistance in finding and signing up for a maintenance plan or insurance policy. Your best bet is to refer to your jet manufacturer’s recommendations and interview a variety of maintenance providers to find one that fits your needs.

Similarly, get several insurance quotes from a variety of carriers to determine which will suit your budget and finances.

Look to seasoned aviation industry professionals for assistance, and if you purchased or plan to purchase your private jet through a reputable dealer, lean on them for advice or recommendations of service providers in your area. You’ll be glad you did.

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