Tips To Develop An Intriguing E-Learning Content For Your Students


E-Learning courses are for everyone, children & adults, and when adults learn something, they want something more engaging, beneficial, and convenient training content. It is difficult to grab the attention of adults and keep them intrigued. They are usually more interested in short, sharp, and practical materials that they get to access anytime, anywhere.

If you have any outstanding idea in your mind to develop an online training course and you want to attract & impress a large audience, you should know the tricks to make your learners love your content. Creating eLearning content is no biggie, but creating eLearning content that keeps your learner intrigued can Let us walk you through some of our favorite tricks that will change your perspective on creating eLearning courses that will be the trickiest part of the course design process.

hook the audience’s attention:

Usually in the pressure to create interesting content

Keep It Easy To Understand

t people overcomplicate the stuff. In the excitement to attract the audience, they bring a lot of confusion to the table, which is unnecessary. You do not want to confuse the audience, you have to build engaging & entertaining content as well as it is easy to understand.

Keep Relevant & In-Trend Content

Before uploading your course material, try to go through it as many times as you can with a fresh mind and keep validating if everything in the material looks relevant to the topic. Don’t forget that people have become really smart and they pick irrelevant stuff easily that is wasting their time. Also, make sure you use the language, techniques, stories that are currently trending to explain your topic. People love to read the new & trending stuff.

 Add Some Fun In The Learning

Explaining the course in the same monotonous tone, with the same pattern is very boring. And you don’t want to put your audience to sleep, right? Change your pitch, add some surprises in your content & while delivering it, pour some wit & humor in between. You can add some clever and creative games, quizzes, Q&A sessions to keep your learners engaged with your course.

Make It Visually Appealing

Reading a lot of texts and theory is pretty dull & tiresome. If you want your content to stand out in the crowd, add images, animations, videos, music, and all types of media that your LMS supports. Acendre is a powerful LMS tool that has enormous features to create a delightful experience for your learners and helps you build content that is a visual treat for your eyes.

Keep it Short and Simple

Can we tell you a harsh truth? Some people get a panic attack while looking at the length of the content. Most people decide which course to select based on the length of it. And thus, don’t try to over-exaggerate any topic to make your point. Focus on the quality of the content more, instead of focussing on the quantity. People will remember and love your course based on the nature and essence of your material and the way you present it, and not on how big the course is.

Focus On Your Speech, Body Language, & Gestures

Try to blend in with the latest trends while delivering your speech for the topic. Meaning, try to use some witty idioms, phrases, words like “noob”, “yay/nay” that are trending over the internet currently. Trust us, this will definitely catch the attention of people and fascinate them. Also, work on your body language while presenting the topic and gestures. Remember, when you present any topic with excitement, you pass the same energy to your audience.

Be Authentic & Creative

In a world of copy-paste, build your content on authenticity. Because first of all, it will be a legal issue, and second, people like original stuff. We understand that sometimes you run out of ideas and take the help of google. But make that you gather some ideas and pour your own creativity into them while adding them to your content. Your original and authentic content will certainly leave a mark on your learner’s minds.


Creating online content is no big deal if you have a great idea in your mind. And with the above-mentioned tips, you can build content that your audience will remember for a long time. You can use these easy tips to create an online course or content, mix various content types, and watch your eLearning plans walk towards success.

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