Currently, we are accepting free guest post on goodchronicle.Goodchronicle is an online news journal,Here you can also get many informative ideas about business, technology, entertainment, life style, society.All the creative and passionate writers who have a great writing skill can share their works on this platform.

Technical Requirement:

1.Author name must be fresh and clean. Author must have include his or her image and need to include an author bio of 50 to 60 words in your profile not in contents body while registering.Fill out maximum of fields while registering so it looks real.

2.Article must be informative,well researched, fresh, unique and related to our website.Your contents need to be under relevant category and also make some tag aswell.We do not review those posts which are callously uncategorized.Remember each and every contents will be verified by premium tools.We do not compromise with quality.

3.You must make some relevant interlinks to our existing posts which must look natural.

4.The title of the article should be 50 to 70 character and catchy. Article body should contain at least 650 words. Use multiple subtitle in your content,keep them under h2, h3 tags.

5.We only provide one do-follow back link (must be relevant one).

6.You must need to add a featured image to your post (image should be from free image source and of a good quality,image size should not exceed 150KB).Include image source aswell.

7.We recommend to share all the publish URL on social media platform.

Please follow all of our above guidelines to make your content published within 24 hours.Each and every guidlines are of same importance to us.So, If we find any of those guidelines are violated, we will mark your post to trash before any checking.


Register your AC by going to below link https://goodchronicle.com/wp-admin ,Once registered verify your mail then log in and submit your contents maintaining our guidelines.


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