4 Customer Service Training Ideas That Always Work

customer service training ideas
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How many times have you been on a phone with a customer service agent to only grow more and more frustrated? Whether they were rude, unresponsive, or didn’t have answers for you, this can all lead to frustration.

That’s the last thing you want your own customers to feel while on the phone.

To prevent this from happening at your company, here are a few customer service training ideas to keep your employees up-to-date with the best customer service skills out there!

1. Include Customer Service Training Programs as Part of New Hire Training

It can be hard to encourage employees to be excited about new training programs. Asking them to do more than they are already doing doesn’t always go over well.

But if you want to improve your employee’s customer service skills, you need a training program that does that. But instead of waiting to do it, you should make the customer service training as part of the new hire training.

This way, everyone at the company has the skills needed to improve customer service.

2. Teach Stress Reduction Tips

Your company’s customer service is not going to be the best that it could be if your employees are stressed. In everyday life, it is hard to talk to people normally and in a kind way if you are stressed, but if your job is to talk to people, reducing that stress is key.

To do so, your company needs to teach stress reduction tips. This could be overall stress or stress-related situations with customers.

3. Create Role-Play Scenarios

One of the best ways to train your employees about customer service is to do customer service exercises. Stepping into various situations as a customer and an employee gives hands-on and real-time experience to the employee to learn.

To do this, you can host a weekly or monthly workshop to create role-play scenarios between employees. One employee will be assigned to the customer role (with a specific role to play), and the other will be the customer service employee. The employee will then practice responding and dealing with the situation that is presented to them.

4. Integrate Technology Into Training

Now that it is 2022, most aspects of businesses are technological. 

When customer service employees have more access to information, it can be easier for them to respond to a customer in the moment.

Integrating platforms into one another makes this even easier. For Salesforce open CTI linked here.

Customer Service Training Ideas

With these customer service training ideas, you’ll know that your employees are ready to deal with whatever customers bring their way. With the increased use of technology, practicing real-life scenarios on the job, reducing employee stress, and incorporating training from the get-go can all lead to your overall business’s success.

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