Simple Ways to Boost Brand Awareness and Expand Reach In Your Business

Boost Brand Awareness

When it comes to running a business, having an audience who follows your every move is important. Without them, you’ll have a hard time selling your products or services. Marketing and promotion are key components of any company. To spread brand awareness, there are numerous tactics you can try out which will expand your reach, get people talking, and hopefully turn potential customers into loyal followers.

The great news is you don’t have to put in tons of effort to build your audience base. A few simple actions can yield impressive results, and they don’t even have to cost a dime! Whether you’re a brand new company or have been in the game for many years, here are some simple ways to boost brand awareness and expand reach.

Make Your Mark on Social Media

Whether you’re an avid fan or find it a nuisance, social media is here to stay. For small and big businesses, you can benefit hugely from creating business pages on platforms like Facebook. Billions of people all over the globe are Facebook users, so it makes sense to reach out to consumers on this social media channel. 

When you create a social media presence, this will get your business noticed. Make sure you’re regularly publishing content on your Facebook page and have a team to man your inbox and feed. You can spread out onto other channels too, like Twitter, Instagram, and the ever-growing TikTok.

Start a Blog

If you’re passionate about your company and love to write, why not combine the two and start your own blog? While you may already have a business website in place, going one step further and creating a blog can show you’re an expert in your field. One of the key benefits of blogging is it helps drive traffic to your website. You can convert this traffic into leads and build a solid audience base.

Even if you’ve got the best content on the web, if people aren’t flocking to your blog, you can’t expect a huge readership. To spread brand awareness, you should consider guest posting. This means reaching out to others in your field and offering to publish content on their page. In return, they will provide a link back to your blog, which their audience may click on.

Create Branded Merchandise

For businesses that operate in person, going back to basics and creating branded merchandise is an easy decision. Whether you’re attending networking events, handing out flyers, or having customers coming into your store, having your logo clearly displayed on items like pens, pencils, and t-shirts will surely boost brand awareness. 

Kitting your employees out in uniform is another good move to make. Just make sure your logo is prominent on your t-shirts. You can enlist the help of Bolt Printing who specialize in fast t-shirt printing and cheap t-shirt printing. They have an easy online ordering system, offer free shipping, and there are no hidden fees.

Use Email Marketing

Just about everyone has an email address, so use this to your advantage! If you want to spread brand awareness and get more people on board, it’s time to look into email marketing. Building an email list gives you a platform to send out emails. Whether you have a product launch coming up or an exciting competition, you can send out content to your followers who can keep up to date with the latest goings-on in your company.

To use email marketing effectively, adding a personalized touch is key. Customers want to feel valued, and like you’re talking to them directly. Therefore, something as simple as including their name in an email can go a long way. Be careful of spamming your customers’ inboxes. You don’t want to send out too many emails, as they may see this as spam and quickly unsubscribe from your services! You can use email marketing to send out surveys too. Getting feedback from your customers can only be a good thing for strengthening your brand and reputation.

Design a Business Card

One of the oldest and most effective marketing tactics there is – business cards. If you’re dealing with customers, clients, and stakeholders in person, you can’t go wrong by creating your own business card. You can hand these out to anyone who’ll listen!

Make sure your business card has your logo, contact info, and a tagline. Your business card represents your company’s brand. In many cases, it’s the first exposure for many to the overall image of your company. First impressions count, so make sure your business card looks professional and fits with your brand. 

Obviously, the more people who are aware of your brand, the better. Using the strategies above can help you build a following, create a healthy business reputation and get people from all over the world talking about your company.