6 Signs Your Car Needs a New Diesel Engine

diesel engine car

Over half a million diesel-powered cars are sold every year, and this number is gradually increasing. These cars are much more efficient, have lower CO2 emissions, and have a longer life span. All these advantages and more are at the heart of diesel’s growing popularity.

However, sometimes it’s difficult to know how to take care of this workhorse of a car. Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your car, so how do you know when it’s time for a new diesel engine?

If you’ve ever wanted to know when it’s time to put in a new engine, read on!

1. Trouble Starting the Car

If you’re always cranking your car but it’s not starting, this can be a sign of trouble in the engine. Diesel engines need pressure to start the car, which means a tight seal in the engine. As the machine ages, the seal to the engine wears away.

When the seal is worn, the pressure is too low to start the car. At the very least this means you need maintenance for your diesel engine car, if not a new engine!

2. Noises From Engines

New diesel engines have a smooth, roaring sound. If your engine is making strange noises that sound like beating and banging, you might need a new diesel car engine.

These sounds can come from damaged seals, worn pistons, or leaking injectors. Regardless of the cause, there’s never a good reason for a clunky engine, so it’s definitely time to check it out!

3. Low Engine Power

You’ll notice right away if your engine has low power. Diesel engines are known for their power and charge, so if your vehicle starts faltering you’ll be able to tell.

Various components in the engine will break down over time, so if you notice low power it might be time to look at buying new engines!

4. Poor Fuel Economy

You probably got your diesel vehicle for its great fuel economy. Diesel is more expensive than other kinds of fuel, so you want to maintain that fuel economy! If your vehicle starts using more fuel than before, it can be a sign of leaking oil into the engine chamber.

Sometimes oil can escape without giving any indications, so it’s important to keep track of how your vehicle is performing. If it’s guzzling more gas than usual, looking into replacing old engines.

5. Blue Exhaust

If your car is giving off blue smoke, you’re guaranteed to have a problem. This means that your engine is burning oil.

This can be caused by the fuel system malfunctioning, a burnt-out piston, or another worn-out part. A compression check will help you identify where the problem is located.

6. Rough Engine Idling

This is a classic sign of a worn-out diesel. If you’re stopped and idling, and your car is bouncing, you could have a worn-out engine. Your engine is probably struggling with compression, fuel metering, or leaking injectors.

Keep an Eye Out for Signs You Need a New Diesel Engine

You drive your car almost every day, so you know how it behaves, handles, and sounds. If you notice anything abnormal, it’s best to check it out with the professionals in case you need a new diesel engine.

It’s not the end of the world, it’s just part of keeping your machine running so it can have a long life working for you!

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