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Riccardo Rucca Dude, Seems like you U already getting fed up with the stuff you already drinking. Probably the water in Chicago. The Bulls would not win five titles in today’s league.

Jordan’s 3-point percentage was .327 – he could hardly get drafted on that stat.

Curry shoots .435 and takes far more 3s. Klay Thompson shoots .419. Jordan played in an era when nobody could shoot. Reggie Miller shot .395 and he was considered great. 3 point shot is more points than a two-point dunk.
Nobody shooting .327 form the 3 can be the greatest of ALL Time. Really? He was the greatest of HIS time but his time has come and gone.”

These parents even have a YouTube channel! Why do they want to starve their kids? Thus it’s really bad at all! I don’t think 14 Cheerios and the waffles will fill up your kid’s stomach and they just let their kids drink the juice instead of water because the juice is really cheap. I don’t think the juice is better than water. And you buy a million dollars house and you are begging some food with your neighbors? I swear not people will do like that and why they don’t give this food to the homeless man? The homeless man is more needed the food than these dumb cheapskates. I think she needs to find a mental doctor and get some help.

Never had a problem with Goat or StockX, I’ve done 25+ transactions with them combined. That said, anytime I buy something expensive from either place ($500+) I do a vlog similar to what you did at the end when I receive the fake shoes.

blog myself carrying them in the house, opening the box, show close-ups of the shoes and box, etc. I keep the tape rolling until I’m satisfied that they’re real. Not saying that you didn’t get fakes, mistakes do happen, but from StockX/Goats’ point of view, they have to be careful not to get scammed themselves because some people are $hitty and will do that. Glad to see you got your money back in the end.

Very humble dude and I don’t know him personally. The way he spoke about his collection told me about his passion and seriousness about his shoe collection. I’m not a sneakerhead, but he made me appreciate the obsession. Giuseppe-Zanotti-Shoes-Replica-China-Purchasing-Factory-Lacing-Giuseppe-Zanotti.html

Gorgeous nails Jordan, I’ve done this for years, so much so I started a shop 🙂 visit and choose any design posted right to your door!

I never do that to my child…yes when she wants something which I don’t have at least I feed her much when we have different food. babies and toddlers need more food….eat more fruits and many nutrients and so on.
Why is it in that wack-ass box? I would think they would have a better box being that it has the number 45 on it. I just don’t understand how they release something like this and presented in packaging like that.

I loved this blog. Your kids are so cute and good workers. They have the best parents in the world. You and Bubba are so cute together. Have a wonderful weekend! Lots of love and hugs to all of you from Norway.

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