5 Mistakes with Picking Software to Avoid for Your Business

Avoid for Your Business

Even the biggest companies make mistakes. The business software you choose doesn’t have to be one of them.

Businesses often try to save time by vetting only a small number of options. They may try to save money by choosing software with the lowest upfront price, overlooking other expenses. In fact, these mistakes with picking software can cost you time and money.

Learn more about five mistakes to avoid to keep your IT systems on track.

1. Not Evaluating Enough Options for Software

Investigating a wide range of potential software options is time-consuming but essential. Businesses often assume that one type of solution will be best. However, you have many possible solutions no matter what type of software system you need.

Taking extra time to evaluate more options could reveal a solution that will be a better fit. If not, you’ll have more support for your original choice.

2. Underestimating the Customer Support Level You’ll Need

The level of support you receive can make the difference between a successful or failed software implementation. Software vendors offer different customer service options, including:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • AI or live chat
  • Self-service resources

Look at whether you can access support after hours or on weekends. Ask about response times for support requests.

Some vendors offer all of their service options to all customers. With other vendors, you may have to pay more for a higher level of support. Underestimating how much support you’ll need could leave your business stranded.

3. Failing to Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership

Comparing software costs is obviously important. However, focusing on the upfront cost could leave you paying more in the long run. You want a software solution that will give you the best value.

Costs to consider include:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Updates
  • Training
  • Support

Evaluating what your business actually needs can help you avoid overpaying. A premium system is only a good value if you’ll take advantage of the features.

4. Overlooking the Difference between a Suite vs. Best-of-Breed Approach

When you’re looking for a business software provider, you can use a best-of-suite or best-of-breed approach. Understanding the differences can help you choose the best solution for your business.


A suite or platform solution is an integrated system. It can handle most of your business functions.

A software suite gives you a consistent user experience. The applications integrate seamlessly. You only need to work with a single vendor. One obvious example is Microsoft, with an ecosystem that includes Windows, Office 365, and Microsoft Remote Desktop.


A best-of-breed approach combines many specialized systems into a tech stack. A best-of-breed system can give you a more specific focus.

These types of systems can be very complicated, though. You may have different vendors with overlapping services. Resolving software problems can be a complex process.

5. Not Allowing Enough Time for Implementation

Implementing a new software solution takes time. You need to budget enough time and resources for a smooth implementation process. Look for a business software provider who offers support for installation, training, and onboarding.

In addition to the actual installation time, your team will need time to adapt to the new system. Expect a learning curve and adjust your productivity goals accordingly.

Avoid Mistakes with Picking Software

You can avoid common mistakes with picking software. Evaluating what you truly need will help you find the solution with the right business software features.

Comparing software costs is important, but be sure to consider the total value. A realistic implementation plan is one that provides enough time and resources for success. You’ll get the most benefits from your new business software.

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