Brief Biography of Kobe Bryant’s Wife Vanessa Laine Bryant

Vanessa Laine Bryant

The former American Model, Vanessa Laine Bryant is a big name in the United States. Not only for her gorgeous beauty, as her family drama is also the biggest reason for her popularity. Her family history, background, and love life, all stages of her life, is too dramatic and deserves to be explored. Everyone should know her struggle and get motivation from this lady’s life; let’s start with her childhood memories.

Vanessa Laine Bryant Childhood

She was born in Huntington Beach on 5th May 1982.  Her mother, Sofia Laine, had given birth to two girls, Vanessa and Sofie. Her mother’s married life was not good going, and she separated from her first husband. Within a few years, Vanessa’s mother got married to her colleague named Stephen Laine. Laine has adopted Vanessa and Sofie as her daughter, and the family became happy once again. Vanessa has attended St. Boniface Parochial School in 1996 and did her graduation in 2000. After completing graduation, she started working in Music videos, and there she met with Kobe Bryant. The seventeen years old girl falls in love with Kobe Bryant.

Vanessa Laine Bryant love life

In November 1999, Vanessa worked as a background dancer in a music video, and Kobe was struggling for his debut musical album. Unfortunately, that music album wasn’t released, but there the lovely couple has started their new life with each other. They dated for six months and decided to get married. In April 2001, Vanessa Laine Bryant got married to Kobe Bryant. However, Kobe’s parents were against that marriage because of several reasons. The two biggest reasons were, marrying so young, and secondly, Vanessa wasn’t African-American. Well, their anger finished when Kobe Bryant had his first daughter.

Vanessa Laine Bryant Children

The former model had given birth to four lovely daughters. Unfortunately, now, she has only three daughters, as the third young child died in a helicopter crash. Here are the details of Vanessa Laine Bryant Children.

1. Natalia Bryant

Natalia is the oldest daughter of Vanessa, who is good at playing volleyball. Natiala was born in 2003; it was an ectopic pregnancy.

2. Gianna Bryant

Gianna Bryant is the second daughter of the gorgeous model, who was born on 1st May 2006. Unfortunately, she is no more; she died in a helicopter crash with her father. Gianna always wanted to be like her father, as she took her father as an idol.

3. Bianka Bryant

The third daughter of Vanessa was born in 2016 and named Bianka Bryant. She was also too close to her father. In the year 2013, Vanessa called off for divorce with her husband, Kobe. After the birth of 3rd child, their relationship became stronger than earlier. That’s why Kobe always used to adore Bianka.

4. Capri Bryant

Capri is the fourth and youngest child of Vanessa. She was born in June 2019. However, she didn’t get enough moments to feel the love of her father, as Kobe died after two years of her birth.

Vanessa Sues by Her Mother For $5 Million.

After the death of her husband, the family drama starts in her life. However, she didn’t get time to move on from the stress of her husband’s death; her mother, Sophia, filed a lawsuit against her and sued for $5 million. Sophia has stated in her lawsuit that she is 70 years old and her health isn’t good as well. She has taken care of her daughter in the tough times and worked as an assistant to Vanessa and the granny of her daughters. Now she is unable to earn, and her daughter denied to support her financially.

Sophia’s Public Statement

When Sophia’s lawsuit against her daughter became the headlines of the newspapers, she was forced to come out in front of the media and tell why she has done this. In her public statement, she stated, “I don’t want any publicity. Although I have sued my daughter, I still do not want to state any public comment. I am hoping that the court will make the right decision.

She has also explained that Vanessa has hurt her badly. She and her husband always worked as a caretaker of her daughter and grandchildren. Now, at this stage of life, she has thrown us out of the home. Sophia had finished her statement with a question, “Is it right”?

However, the case is still in court, and both the ladies are fighting for their lives. We can’t say any of them is wrong because after the death of Vanessa’s husband, she is also facing a financial crisis, and she had to raise her three daughters. I hope the court will make the right decision for both ladies, but the struggle of Vanessa motivates the youngsters a lot.

FAQ Section

1. Why Kobe’s parents didn’t accept Vanessa as her daughter-in-law?

Firstly, they didn’t want their son to marry at the younger age of just 21. Secondly, the main reason to hate their son’s relationship was a girl from a different race. Kobe was an African-American, and Vanessa was a Latina.  Therefore, they didn’t accept Vanessa as their daughter-in-law. But after the birth of their first grandchild, they came close again to their son and his family.

2. Why did Kobe file a lawsuit against his parents?

However, the reason was financial help, which Kobe’s parents denied giving him. Although it was a matter between son and his parents, Vanessa has forced her husband to do this, according to the media of that time. People even stated that Vanessa only wants her husband’s money, and that’s why their love life also gets affected badly. They were almost decided for separation, but their third child has helped them to get closer again.

3. How much money did Vanessa get after Kobe’s death?

Although, according to Vanessa, she is facing financial troubles after Kobe’s death. But according to the experts, she got over $600 million after Kobe’s death. Undoubtedly, Kobe was a rich guy, and after his death, Vanessa has the right to all of his wealth.

4. Is Vanessa dating someone after Kobe’s death?

However, Vanessa didn’t announce any relationship with anyone. But according to the sources, she came closer to one of her friends named Pau Gasol. According to Vanessa, she is too busy raising her daughters and doesn’t have time for anything else. About Pau Gasol, she stated that he is just a close friend. According to some other rumors, Vanessa is dating Victor Oritiz now. But Victor denied himself for these rumors. He said Kobe was a good friend, and he didn’t even think of a relationship with his ex-wife.

5. What is she doing for her life now?

However, she is engaged in her ex-husband’s business but continuing her profession as a model and dancer.

6. What is Vanessa’s worth?

There are no records of Vanessa Laine Bryant‘s worth before the death of her ex-husband. But when Kobe died, Vanessa became the owner of over $600 million. Probably that’s the reason why her mother sued Vanessa for $5 million.

7. Is Vanessa planning for a second marriage?

According to the rumors, Vanessa is planning for a second marriage as she cannot raise three daughters by herself alone. However, she denied her relationship with her friend Pau Gasol, but according to sources, she will get marry to Pau soon.

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