Fun Things to Do in Anchorage with Kids

Anchorage with Kids

 Anchorage is a beautiful place to visit with young kids, surrounded by fjords and glaciers, inactive and active volcanoes, and valleys and mountains. Several people see Anchorage as a constantly freezing place where you frequently need to bundle up, but there are many fascinating views to see that leave you with wonderful memories beyond the cold. Here are some of the fun activities to do with kids:

  • Kid-friendly Museums and Attractions
  • Hikes Near Anchorage
  • Kid-friendly Fishing

International travel to the US with family

If you plan a family trip to the United States shortly, you must obtain a valid esta visa application authorization for each family member. In fact, from an early age, children must have a residence permit to travel to the USA. Therefore, even if you are traveling with a baby, you cannot avoid this formality

It is also important to point out that children and infants must therefore have an individual passport in their name for the ESTA authorization to be linked to it. This procedure normally takes a few weeks before obtaining a passport, so remember to start the procedures early enough to have then the time necessary to submit the ESTA application providing you with the passport number obtained.

Carry travel document:

There is no minimum age to request an identity or travel document such as a passport or identity card in Italy. Therefore, you can carry out these procedures at your municipality of residence, for the identity card, or at the Police Headquarters, for the passport, at any time. Only when you have passports for all family members will you be able to apply for ESTA online using the form that we put at your disposal.

It is also important to know that underage children cannot, under any circumstances, fill out the online ESTA application by themselves. A form filled in by a minor will always give rise to a refusal by the US authorities. Moreover, it is clearly stated in the ESTA application form that this practice is only aimed at people over 18 years of age.

Therefore, it is the parents who must carry out the procedure for their children, regardless of age, with particularity that parents must check an item at the end of the form. Indicating that the application is being made on behalf of third parties. Do not forget to tick this box because otherwise, you risk obtaining a refusal from the US authorities and having to start the procedure again from the beginning, allowing ten days to pass from the notification of the refusal. Whenever I want to travel to the US, I always check my esta status.

Places to Take Kids in Anchorage

There are several places to visit with kids in Anchorage:

  • Check out the downtown area: Although the city is relatively small, there are a few blocks of tourist shops to visit. The tourist centre is a lovely log cabin located in the town centre with a living roof of growing wildflowers. There are free postcards you can send home in the centre.
  • Anchorage Market: On Sundays and Saturday’s there is a farmers market displayed in the downtown region. This is where you can pick up cheap souvenirs and visit local vendors.
  • Potter Marsh: This is a beautiful wildlife viewing area located near the highway facing south out of town. There are several wildlife and birds present.
  • Beluga Point: Beluga point is a wonderful spot to visit and take a short walk on the beach to stretch your legs.

Glacier stone Anchorage

   Glacier stone has been active for the past five years and provides recycled backsplashes, shower surrounds, glass countertops, and more. Colours are naturally boundless since the laid down resin colours can be picked from Sherwin Williams. Glass is similarly boundless as standard colours are to pick from. Still, if you wish, you can provide the glass you prefer to be added to your work.

Mini Golf Anchorage

  • Putters Wild: this is Anchorage’s only 3D indoor blacklight mini-golf course, allowing players of any age. The mini-golf course is creative, fun, and challenging with interactive obstacles and beautiful murals. It provides a comfortable and clean environment for the guests. The golf course can be accessed with a walker, wheelchair, and stroller.
  • Castle on O’Malley: every hole of the golf course makes you feel like you are traveling through the history of Alaska, from logging towns, gold mines, fisheries, and more. This is not the usual cookie-cutter golf course. The golf course is styled and hand-built by a professional and enthusiastic wordsmith and golfer.

Able Raceway

Anchorage Water Park

 Another amazing place to visit is the H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark found in Anchorage, Alaska, US. This is a fifty-six-thousand-meter square indoor water park. It was the fifth biggest indoor water park in the US when it opened in 2003. The features of the H2Oasis water park are:

  • Enclosed body slide (green)
  • Lazy River encircling the park
  • Pirate Ship Kiddie Pool with seven slides and four water cannons
  • The water temperature is kept around 84 °F (27 °C).
  • The Master Blaster: a 43ft high and 505ft long water-powered rollercoaster
  • Alaska Hot Tub
  • Mushroom Water Drop and Beached Boat
  • Wave pool generating 3–4-foot waves
  • Open-flume body slide (orange), 43ft high
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